Now Reading: 3 ideas for using a fireplace as a room divider

3 ideas for using a fireplace as a room divider

3 ideas for using a fireplace as a room divider

Open space continues to be home-owners’ most popular choice, but there have been some developments and variations which have, to a certain extent, revolutionised complete open-space solutions as we knew them some years ago. Rather than enclosing an area with walls, people still prefer open spaces that facilitate socialisation and this goes for both homes and public premises. There are times, though, when greater privacy is desirable and this is especially the case at home; this is why partial-separation solutions are on the rise because they do the job without sacrificing the advantages of the open-space concept.

So the idea of open space is being redefined, as the words of the architect Enrique Espinosa seem to confirm:

“Optimising space and making it multifunctional is the future of homes. Today home-owners want to dwell in a space that is as open as possible so that they can enjoy natural light and allow air to circulate to the greatest extent. The loft trend is over. Nowadays customers want to demarcate space, but they prefer to use furniture to define boundaries.”

Therefore, the preference is for functional furnishing solutions that divide without actually separating. No walls, but bookshelves, sliding panels and fireplaces get full approval.
A fireplace can be just the solution for anyone who wants to furnish their surrounds with a design object which doubles up as an elegant partition while serving as an efficient heating system, even keeping extensive areas warm that often prove difficult to heat up evenly.

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How to divide a large area with a fireplace

To divide (without really dividing) a large area, you have several choices when it comes to fireplace partitions:

Fireplace in the middle of the room

A fireplace in the middle of a large room between the kitchen and the lounge could be an ideal solution. A panoramic fireplace with glass on all sides can make a dramatic difference to the atmosphere. On those cold winter days, gazing into flickering flames that are visible from all angles is a source of sheer delight whereas in summertime it becomes a focal point that plays a pivotal role in the overall look of the room.

Panoramic Fireplace Alborg

The fireplaces in our Panoramic range are true design object and have been devised and constructed with the greatest attention to detail. Even the most aesthetically striking fireplace can be elevated further by adding a sophisticated touch with our exquisite cladding in Majolica. The ceramic glass, including the curved-surface design without metal profiles, allows you to watch the fire in all its glory wherever you are standing or sitting. The hearth becomes the real heart of the home.

Panoramic fireplace Bergen

Panoramic fireplace Bergen

Double-sided fireplace

A double-sided fireplace is another optimal way for stylishly separating space and elevating an area with your own personal touch.

A double-sided firebox can be inserted into a plasterboard wall placed between the lounge and the dining room, for instance. Like this, it will act as a central column and can be admired from either side. The firebox can be framed in exquisite Majolica cladding which will turn the dancing flames into a real showpiece and enhance the area surrounding it.

Piazzetta claddings are handcrafted and each single piece is one-of-a-kind and unique.

One of the factors that makes Piazzetta’s fireplace claddings really exclusive is the superlative nature of the Majolica which is a versatile material with several natural variations. The colours, finishes and detailing are bound to fit in with an array of different décor styles, from the most modern to the most classic and will satisfy the needs of those who want a Scandi basic essential setting but also meet the desires of those who prefer a more refined ornate interior.

Surround for fireplace EASY

Triple-sided peninsula fireplace

A piece like this is less intrusive as a partition and is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a light airy space but also for anyone looking to break up the muchness of a dividing wall with a dramatic touch. Having three glass panels, triple-sided peninsular fireplaces make the sight of leaping flames even more showstopping.

fireplace mod. Edinburgh


fireplace Aberdeen


Fireplace room dividers as an excellent heating solution

It is not easy to provide an open-air space with evenly distributed heat. A Piazzetta fireplace solves this problem because it spreads heat throughout the house. There is more than one way to spread heat efficiently, even for extensive premises. Let’s have a look at them.

Forced ventilation heating with the Multifuoco® System

Multifuoco® System is an exclusive Piazzetta-patented system that provides heating via a forced ventilation system which uses both wood and pellets. To be precise, Multifuoco® allows heat to be distributed from the floor to the ceiling. It works from the bottom to the top and does away with any temperature differences that can occur with other more traditional systems.

By combining an air-ducting system with the forced ventilation, heat can be spread throughout several different rooms. The hot air is ducted and spread where you want to it to go through vents which can be adjusted according to your heating needs. A wood-burning fireplace with ducting will enable you to heat within a distance of 10 metres, whereas a pellet-burning fireplace lets you heat up to distance of 16 metres.

Multifuoco System

Thermo for heating the water in radiators, but also much more

A wood-burning or pellet-burning Thermo fireplace allows you to heat the water in your home radiators. By installing radiators in strategic positions, you can achieve a comfortable temperature throughout your house.

But that is not all. A Thermo fireplace enables you to heat water for domestic use as well; all you need is the special kit and your shower water will become piping hot. Thermo products also allow you to use a puffer tank to which you could connect a gas-fired boiler and a solar-heating system.

Surround for fireplace Adelaide

Surround Adelaide

Therefore, a fireplace could be a viable solution for both heating your home efficiently and separating parts of your home with a touch of elegance and style. With the wide array of claddings available and various installation options, you will be able to personalise to a huge extent.

Fireboxes with two-sides, three sides, curved glass panels or with a central column or peninsula design…you will be spoilt for choice and will surely find the fireplace that best suits your needs and tickles your fancy.

So, all that is left to decide now is which fuel to use – wood or pellets?

If you have been wondering which solution is best, you might want to take advantage of some expert advice to help you reach the right decision.




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