Now Reading: The Charm of Fire. Luxury and elegance with a view of Lake Maggiore

The Charm of Fire. Luxury and elegance with a view of Lake Maggiore

The Charm of Fire. Luxury and elegance with a view of Lake Maggiore

It is the most voluptuous place I’ve ever seen in the world. Nature enchants with a thousand unknown seductions and one feels in a state of rare sensuality and refinement

Gustave Flaubert

Shared by Italy and Switzerland, a meeting point of three regions, an ideal place to find relaxation and wellbeing in every season of the year. Lake Maggiore is one of the most fascinating destinations in our Country, among its shores you can breathe class and elegance, two attributes that we can also find in our Panoramic wood-burning fireplaces, that we present you today with our M360 T fireplace in the splendid villa of Mrs Marina Pellacini.

Stresa, a window on Lake Maggiore

Stresa is considered the queen of Lake Maggiore, its magnificent location at the foot of the green slopes of Mottarone offers sensational views. The flowered lakefront overlooks the spectacular Borromean Islands, the villas, parks and gardens are all to be explored, an immersion in nature to which it is impossible to remain indifferent.

To photograph the installation of the M360 T fireplace, we were guests in Stresa, on the Piedmont shore of the lake.

Our short visit is a promise to return to this spectacular location. We enjoyed the breathtaking view of the lake, in a superbly elegant house, where our fireplace definitely found a sensational location.

Living without a fireplace? An impossible compromise

It is an early September day, when Mrs Marina Pellacini welcomes us into her home. We are greeted by a modern, original architecture and a passionately studied decor, which immediately shows how dedicated the owners are to design.

Mrs Pellacini is most helpful and tells us how our M360 T landed in her living room. The house was renovated in 2013 to expand the living room with the desire to have as much natural light as possible. This was achieved to perfection with the installation of two large retractable glass walls that give access on one side to the garden and on the other side to the terrace overlooking the lake, creating a unique ambient with evocative charm.

Removing the classic walls to make way for retractable glass ones, however, involved a compromise: the absence of a classic fireplace. In love with fire and the unique atmosphere that wood-burning fireplaces create, Mrs Pellacini was unwilling to accept a living room without a burning flame. So, she began a search for an alternative product, and found our Panoramic M360 T fireplace in a design magazine. Fascinated and convinced by the store visit, she informed the architect of her desire to have this fireplace in the center of her living room, giving even more style and elegance to a home that would make any design enthusiast fall in love.

M360 T. Exaltation of the concept of elegance

The M360 T firebox is an exclusive product of the Panoramic series launched by Gruppo Piazzetta in 2010. These products are designed to the customer’s specifications following a custom order that makes each fireplace unique and prestigious, tailor-made for a single construction work.

The M360 T fireplace has a great scenic impact and thanks to its modern technology it ensures optimal combustion with low emissions for a low environmental impact. It is the perfect combination of technological innovation, sophisticated design, handcrafted majolica and fireplace tradition.
It becomes the beating heart of the room, a gathering point around which to sit, share the exciting crackling of wood, enjoy the pleasant warmth of the fire and the beautiful and enchanting flame, embraced by the 360-degree panoramic glass without metal profiles.

The fireplace in Stresa is an evident example of custom fabrication, as can be noticed by looking at the height of the flue outlet pipe, over six meters high, made exclusively for this installation. The hood and base were chosen in black color, the classic color of elegance. By pressing a button, with great ease, the motorized up-and-down glass disappears inside the base to allow easy wood loading.

The large living room is furnished in an accurate and modern way, without glitz, combining furniture elements of various colors on the gray scale. The wall part covered with exposed brick, the sofas, rugs, and television cabinet play with elegance that fades from white to black. In this context, the fire lights up the house with its warm colors. A warmth that is passion and blazes in the beauty of the flame, a catalyst of glances and attention with its bright colors and its dance inside the precious glass case of the fireplace.

Living in this house is a spectacle every day of the year. On winter days, you enjoy your home in total comfort, admiring the flame burning in the darkness, enveloped in its warmth that heats the entire living room. With the rebirth of spring, the glass walls can be lowered, to feel the air flow inside the house with its milder temperature and to admire the beautiful view of Lake Maggiore and Mottarone, while in the fireplace our flame continues to burn giving ornament and atmosphere to the room. A flame facing the lake, water and fire are reflected in a unique scenery that fuels the joy of being at home.

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