Now Reading: All the benefits of a hybrid pellet and wood-burning stove

All the benefits of a hybrid pellet and wood-burning stove

All the benefits of a hybrid pellet and wood-burning stove

The authentic heat of a burning wood and the practicality of pellets in a single stove. Hybrid stoves are attracting increasing interest, but also a growing need for clarity. Piazzetta enters this category with the Infinity Plus Line, nine stove models packed with benefits. Are you ready to find out more about them?

Seamless fuel changeover

Pellets and wood have different advantages – hybrid stoves combine the two fuels by merging their respective benefits in a single product.

Pellets are popular because the stove can be programmed and switched on remotely while wood emanates an unparalleled warmth and atmosphere.

Hybrid stoves combine both benefits. Often, however, this fuel changeover raises some questions in the consumer’s mind. How does it happen? What do I have to do to switch from one mode to another? In our Infinity stoves, the switch from pellets to wood and vice versa takes place automatically without interrupting operation. You can switch on the stove with pellets and then, add some wood to the firebox. Infinity will then change its operating mode autonomously. Once the load of wood has finished, if another one is not loaded, your Infinity stove will revert to pellet operation and feed the pellets in from the hopper.
A highly convenient function that you can only find in Piazzetta hybrid stoves.

Three heating methods

One stove, two fuels, three heating methods. What are they?

1. By natural convection, through heat radiation from the surface of the stove. Once the stove has reached a temperature above the external temperature, it heats the surrounding air until it reaches a thermal balance. The ultra-quiet operation of natural convection makes using the stove even more pleasant, allowing you to enjoy the crackling of the burning wood.

2. With the Multifuoco System: Piazzetta’s patented forced ventilation system that blows warm air out of the base of the stove, creating a uniform temperature throughout the room: avoid the feeling of cold feet and embrace total well-being.

3.1 With the Heat Storage System: available as an option in the E228 M and E228 C stoves, this storage system releases heat for up to 10 hours after the stove has been switched off for prolonged warmth. In this mode, you can continue to enjoy the heat of the stove all night long.

3.2 With the MultiHeat Release System: our latest innovation, available for the E228 H and E228 K hybrid stoves, uses the large majolica cladding to radiate the heat generated by the hot air circulating inside the stove. A unique solution that makes heating with a hybrid product even more comfortable.

The best construction quality

Infinity Plus hybrid stoves are designed for maximum efficiency and best-in-class performance. This is a goal which we have set ourselves resulting in the production of the most high-tech stoves in our range, produced with the best technology available.

What does this constructive quality mean?

  • An airtight one-piece stove that guarantees the best air quality in your room.
  • A large Aluker-line firebox improves combustion and lends a special light to the flame. Moreover, its generous width means it can hold large logs (up to 33 cm), guaranteeing a long-lasting flame.
  • The raised pellet burn pot for better combustion and flame quality while reducing ash residue and thus cleaning times.

Maximum versatility for installing the stove wherever you want

Infinity stoves can be installed flush to the wall, ensuring a first-class aesthetic result. In addition, they are set up for both top and rear compact exhaust pipes, i.e. only 15 cm in diameter. By choosing the rear exhaust option, your stove will have clean lines, a clutter-free appearance and fit seamlessly in with your decor.

Practicality, silence and safety

Another three features, another three advantages.

All our hybrid stoves feature Wi-Fi, allowing the user to switch the stove on and off using the My Piazzetta app program. This means you can switch the stove on remotely so your home is already heated when you return. The practical features don’t end with the programming – pellet loading is child’s play – the hopper is located at the base of the stove for more convenient loading.

We have succeeded in achieving ultra-quiet operation on our hybrid stoves, even when not heating by natural convection. An important milestone that allows you to enjoy maximum heating power without missing out on the crackling burning wood.

Lastly, an important element that is often underestimated: safety. Infinity stoves are equipped with a number of devices that monitor and optimise the operation of the stoves. A special sensor detects any obstructions or malfunctions, signalling the problem with an acoustic alarm and on the remote control, before automatically switching off. A solution designed for a very unlikely event, but where safety always comes first.

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