Now Reading: Fireplace cladding: 4 ideas for making your firebox unique

Fireplace cladding: 4 ideas for making your firebox unique

Fireplace cladding: 4 ideas for making your firebox unique

With modern closed fireplaces, the fireplace block is the heart of the firebox, the technical part where the flame is ignited. When we talk about cladding however, we mean the outer part, comprising the aesthetic component of the fireplace.

Fireplace cladding plays a very important role in the furnishing of your home. It enhances the beauty of the firebox, transforming it into a design feature. Have you noticed how the room acquires a distinct personality with a carefully chosen fireplace?

How to choose cladding for a modern corner fireplace? Discover the different types of fireplace

Looks, however, aren’t everything. If you are asking yourself how to choose the best cladding for a fireplace, you’ve already understood how important the cladding’s specifications are:

  1. Can it resist high temperatures and temperature changes?
  2. Can it change over time?

The choice isn’t as simple as you might think and should be made carefully in consultation with expert professionals: cladding, in addition to being beautiful, should also be functional and long-lasting.

What are the best types of cladding to change the look of your fireplace?

Today you can clad your fireplace with truly superlative alternative solutions that embrace different styles. Continue reading and we’ll help you discover new solutions you may not have considered, which could revolutionise your idea about fireplaces.

Once upon a time there were stone fireplaces…

Fireplaces in stone or marble are still around and never fail to exert a certain charm in that they give the entire room and classical feel. Suitable for rustic settings or cellars, by design they normally have open fireboxes and the big disadvantage of fireplaces without glass is that they have very low heating efficiency as well as high levels of emissions.

Are you considering something different, more modern, that isn’t just a normal stone-clad fireplace or rustic masonry fireplace? You will have already seen how many different types of cladding are available with different materials, shapes and sizes, for frontal fireplaces, corner fireplaces, double-sided and triple-sided fireplaces.

Lets take a look at the most interesting alternatives.

Camino a parete con rivestimento in Maiolica colore grigio rosso Modello Mood di marca Piazzetta

Mood model: cladding in hand-crafted Majolica in Grey Red enriched with brush strokes of matching crystalline glaze

Cladding with surround in Majolica: when elegance in the details makes all the difference

How would you imagine Majolica cladding for your fireplace? Majolica offers numerous advantages and meets the criteria set out above:

  • it is aesthetically versatile: it allows you to choose between many different colours, designs, decorations and textures
  • it is functional: it stores heat radiated by the firebox and transmits it to the room

Camino ad angolo con cornice in Maiolica colore Moka pennellato con decori in cristtalina. Marca Piazzetta - Modello Seattle

How to choose cladding for a corner fireplace? With Piazzetta Majolica cladding for fireplaces in Mocha, you can give your lounge a touch of style – Seattle Model.

Majolica is a material that is both ancient and natural that can be used to create the most contemporary designs: see some examples of Majolica cladding in this gallery

Imagine a fire enclosed in a precious frame made of Majolica in your favourite colour, hand-crafted, an expression of luxury and elegance. A picture that you never tire of looking at. Majolica cladding can truly render an anonymous living room unique, adapting to your style. Don’t rule out any possibilities: imagine a shape, think of a colour, identify the details and you can create a Majolica fireplace that is truly your own. A solution that won’t pass by unnoticed by your guests that come to share the pleasure of the fire with you…

Discover all the available colours for Majolica made by Piazzetta


If the idea of Majolica cladding has caught your attention, continue reading, you might also like the next range of cladding.

Clay cladding: the elements combine

Choosing clay cladding for your fireplace, means elevating matter to the extreme. Earth and fire: two elements meet and give rise to a high-impact combination. The result of careful hand-crafting, clay cladding transforms your fireplace into a unique item: the heart of the home.

Choosing the right cladding will allow your fireplace to blend into your home, becoming a real furnishing feature: clay cladding, designed to withstand high temperatures, is a perfect compromise between, sophisticated style, functionality, beauty and durability.

Cornice camino con rivestimento in argilla lavorata a mano con decori. Focolare Piazzetta a gas Modello IG 120

Gas fireplace with surround, cladding in hand-crafted clay, Piazzetta Archeo Model with gas firebox IG120

Discover all Piazzetta cladding options


Do you like the refined look of this range but would prefer an more easy-going solution? Consider steel cladding…

Steel cladding: the minimalist style that goes with everything

Steel cladding for your fireplace could be the right choice for you if you like the minimalist look.

Steel is interesting because it suits fireplaces with modern lines, simple and clear, it fits in perfectly to all kinds of room, from rustic lounges to the most contemporary settings. It ensures excellent heating efficiency and is very easy to clean and maintain.

Ask for more information, the technical assistance centre will answer all your questions

Camino centro stanza con rivestimento acciaio verniciato modello Oxford Piazzetta

Piazzetta OXFORD Model fireplace: steel cladding, ideal even for room-centre installations


If you want a fireplace that is even more minimalist and that can easily be integrated into you home, consider simple plasterboard cladding.

Fireplace cladding in plasterboard

Cladding your fireplace in plasterboard – currently one of the most commonly used building materials – is a solution that is easy to apply, appreciated because of its low cost and its fire-retardant properties (a technical requirement that is essential for fireplace cladding).

A fireplace clad with plasterboard can be adapted to suit almost any furnishing style and is very quick to install. The fireplace block is simply covered with plasterboard and a metal profile, with no further surrounds. Remember, it is advisable to purchase your fireplace block from a manufacturer that can provide you with all the necessary certifications required for a quality product.

Plasterboard cladding is a truly minimalist choice: the fire becomes the real focal point of the room. To make a change from a simple white surface, you can play with colour using water-based paints, which offer better resistance to the high temperatures generated in the cladding.

A friend will probably suggest you install the plasterboard yourself, but for a professional job that you won’t regret, we would recommend getting a professional to install it for you.

Piazzetta: camino aperto su tre lati, il modo migliore per il recupero del calore del tuo camino

Triple-sided wood-burning fireplace Piazzetta Model Aberdeen: plasterboard cladding with Majolica base


Are you wondering how you can close an open fireplace in glass?

Read this article to find out everything you need to know about fireplace inserts

How to clad a fireplace in a knowledgeable way

Fireplace cladding is a designer item that gives personality to the firebox and decorates the space you live in, transforming itself into the focal point of the home.

The range of cladding for fireplaces is very broad and you’ll certainly be able to find the type of cladding that best suits your fireplace and the room it’s installed in, whether it’s classical or contemporary.

In addition to traditional cladding in stone, there are many other materials available on the market that you should consider, such as Majolica, versatile and beautiful, clay, which brings prestigious solutions to life, steel, minimalist and technological and lastly, simple plasterboard, practical and extremely adaptable.

The best choice is dictated by the style you want to give your home, but also by the functionality of the cladding, which should be durable, safe and easy to manage. In summary, you can create solutions that are highly original to customise your home in your own way.

Find the fireplace cladding that best suits your taste.

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