Now Reading: How to clean the glass on your fireplace or stove: the quickest and most effective methods

How to clean the glass on your fireplace or stove: the quickest and most effective methods

How to clean the glass on your fireplace or stove: the quickest and most effective methods

How to clean the glass on a fireplace or stove? This is one of the first questions people ask themselves when purchasing a new wood-burning or pellet appliance.

Why does the glass on a pellet stove turn black? The glass turns black because combustion generates smoke and soot which is gradually deposited on the inside surface.

It’s not just an aesthetic problem: cleaning the glass regularly and correctly helps preserve the integrity of the seals. This prevents excess fuel consumption caused by increased air flow into the combustion chamber.

Important: before cleaning, make sure that the stove or fireplace is off and that the internal firebox and glass are cold.

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Ash: how to clean the glass on your fireplace with natural products

If you care about the environment and prefer not to use chemical substances and you’d like to know how to clean the glass on your fireplace with natural products, we’ve got the solution for you.

The first method we have for you makes use of the ash created during combustion. That seems paradoxical, right? Ash contains large quantities of potassium and sodium carbonates – and as our grandmothers knew well – these can be great allies for cleaning the home.

What do you need?

  • a basin
  • water
  • some ash
  • kitchen towel and a soft cloth

Dampen the kitchen towel with water and pass it over the ash to create a thin layer. Rub the kitchen towel against the glass until the residues have completely gone. Rinse the glass and dry it with more kitchen towel or a clean cloth.

Ash is a natural product and costs nothing. It is extremely effective for cleaning the glass on your fireplace or stove. Lets look at another method that is easy to do.

Water and ammonia: the black glass on your pellet stove will shine again

Cleaning the black glass on your pellet stove or fireplace with water and ammonia could be a quick and effective solution.

What do you need?

  • a basin
  • a spray bottle
  • water
  • ammonia
  • some kitchen towel and a soft cloth

Fill a spray bottle with a solution of water and ammonia in equal parts. Spray the contents on the inside of the glass and clean with kitchen towel or a soft cloth. On particularly stubborn areas of dirt, let the solution act for a few seconds before rubbing.

It is better to wait a few seconds longer and resist the temptation to use abrasive sponges to accelerate cleaning, you could scratch the glass!

We have seen how ash and ammonia are effective in cleaning blackened glass on pellet stoves: what are the alternative solutions available to buy?

Detergent for fireplace and stove glass, the dedicated solution

There are several different cleaning products for the glass on pellet stoves and fireplaces that effectively remove any residues of tar and soot.

Just spray on the product and let it act for a few seconds (or a few minutes in the event of particularly stubborn dirt) and wipe with a dry cloth, taking care not to leave haloes.

Stubotto di Piazzetta modello Ortisei, rivestimento in Maiolica color canapa

Piazzetta stove model Ortisei with double casing in Majolica


Some particularly strong detergents give exceptional results but in the long term can deteriorate the seal on the stove door. What does this mean?

A damaged seal is not efficient, it allows more air to enter the firebox and this leads to increased fuel consumption in the stove of fireplace.

In order not to risk compromising the seals, ask your reseller for advice they will be able to recommend a specific detergent that is not aggressive.

As you can see, cleaning the glass isn’t that complicated and the methods we’ve looked at are extremely effective: you can continue enjoying the splendid flame in your new designer pellet stove or modern fireplace. This is as long as you implement a few measures.

How to stop the glass on your pellet stove blackening: a few tips

We’ve seen how home-made and bought solutions for cleaning the glass work well. Would you like to anticipate the problem and prevent the glass on your pellet stove or fireplace from going black? Unfortunately this isn’t possible: sooner or later the glass will go black. You can, however, make sure it stays clean longer.

How? By choosing:

  • quality fuels – this is fundamental for good combustion, choosing quality wood and pellets. A fire that burns well consumes the fumes generated and creates fewer residues. Read these articles on how to choose the best pellets and the most suitable wood
  • new generation stoves and fireplaces – many models feature ceramic glass that is ventilated inside the firebox: the glass is constantly brushed with an air flow that prevents the smoke and soot from depositing, keeping the glass cleaner for longer

In order for it not to be very annoying, cleaning should be carried out regularly; this prevents the formation of more stubborn dirt deposits.

How to clean the glass on your fireplace or stove: the best remedies for enjoying the fire

If you have recently purchased a stove or you are thinking about purchasing a new closed fireplace, sooner or later you’ll have to tackle the problem of glass blackened with smoke and soot. Don’t worry: we’ve seen how easy cleaning can be when you observe a few simple tips. You can use ash or ammonia to make your glass sparkle, or if you prefer you can opt for specially designed cleaning products available commercially. Beware of detergents that are too aggressive, they risk deteriorating the seals.

Today, the best pellet stoves and the best performing fireplaces use aeration systems that mean that the glass stays cleaner for longer. If you want these appliances to perform at their maximum potential, always use quality fuels: good pellets and excellent quality woods ensure higher efficiency and fewer residues. This translates into easier and more economical maintenance and cleaning.

Quality appliances such as Piazzetta products have a firebox with optimal combustion, which significantly reduces blackening of the glass.

Have you tried cleaning the glass following our recommendations? Good job, the glass is shining once again and you can enjoy the beauty of the flames.

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