Now Reading: Comparison of heating fuel costs: 50% savings with pellets or wood

Comparison of heating fuel costs: 50% savings with pellets or wood

Comparison of heating fuel costs: 50% savings with pellets or wood

In recent months we have witnessed a considerable rise in all fuel prices, increases which families have already had to absorb in their household bills.
At the end of 2021, ARERA the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks, and the Environment (Italy), wrote:

From January to December of this year, the spot price of natural gas at the TTF (European reference market for natural gas) increased by almost 500% (from a monthly average of 21 euros to 120 euros/MWh).

In addition to the recent increases, there is also currently much concern for the ongoing international situation, causing market instability and uncertainty also in regards to future supply shortages.

tabella costiThe greatest fears regarding cost and supply concern gas in particular, which until last year was still a fuel with costs considerably lower than diesel, and for many European countries was the main type of energy used for domestic heating.

Saving with pellet heating: the convenience of biomass compared to fossil fuels

Biomasses for heating are currently the most economical and sustainable, C02 neutral solution.

Latest-generation pellet-powered productsfireplaces, and stoves are genuine heating systems with the possibility for timed operation, high autonomy, and various power levels.
Piazzetta pellet fireplaces and stoves allow a choice of different heating systems: forced ventilation with the Multifuoco System® and the possibility for hot air ducting in different rooms, natural convection thanks to the Natural Mode function, with complete fan shutdown, and with the Multiconfort Plus system for independent fan control based on the desired room temperature. Each motor can be modulated or turned off according to need, with accurate measurement of the room temperature.

Many of the products in the range are developed with a complete technological system and WiFi device supplied standard. On and off times can be programmed thanks to the My Piazzetta App, via WiFi, even when not at home, or from the comfort of your sofa, via Bluetooth.

How much can you save with pellet/wood heating?

AIEL, the Italian Agroforestry Energy Association, has estimated that approximately 12 MWh of energy are needed to heat a 100 m2 home throughout the winter. As expected, depending on the choice of fuel, the unitary cost of this energy varies considerably.

Here is an example with the up-to-date costs as at January 2022 in Italy.

Currently, the cost of heating is reduced by 50% or more with wood stoves and pellet stoves.

Today, even wood fireplaces and stoves are very technologically advanced, with very high yields and very low emissions.
The proposed solutions come with hermetic fireboxes, electronic combustion control, storage systems, and extremely high performance.

Heating with pellets/wood: a sustainable choice

Using firewood and pellets means not only reducing heating costs, but also making a sustainable choice, both in environmental and socio-economic terms.
Woody biomass can be considered environmentally sustainable when produced by sustainable forest management.

“The management and use of forests and forestland in forms, and at a rate of use, which makes it possible to maintain their biodiversity, productivity, capacity for renewal, vitality, as well as their potential to fulfil, now and in the future, important ecological, economic, and social functions at a local, national, and global level, without causing damage to other ecosystems.”
From the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (1993)

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