Now Reading: A customized fireplace at the center of your relaxation

A customized fireplace at the center of your relaxation

A customized fireplace at the center of your relaxation

On this winter day we find ourselves nestled in the hills near Lake Varese, a city that has such a large number of parks that it has been nicknamed the “garden city”. The entire province is enriched by lakes and mountains that make this peak of Italy a peaceful and rejuvenating place.

If you close your eyes and imagine snow-capped Alps, gloomy skies and morning frost on a classic winter day, your imagination will light a fireplace in your home.

If you love design, this article will take you to an evocative setting, captured in the lens of a camera that immortalized the timeless charm of a fireplace, which is much more than just a source of heat.

Giving elegance and warmth to the veranda with a Panoramic M360 Q

It only takes a moment, the view of the fire through the large windows to already feel the embrace of warmth, to be fascinated by this fireplace. But only once you enter this veranda can you fully appreciate the beauty of the Panoramic M360 Q.

An iconic model that stands at the center of an originally furnished room that is anything but classic. The Cor-ten shade of the hood and square base is a refined choice that matches its earthy hue with the stone floor and mosaic panel that decorates one of the walls.

The M360 Q fireplace has three cladding options (Lund, Olden and Tallinn), but in this realization we can appreciate a unique cladding, chosen by the owner and custom-made for his own unique fireplace.
The M360 Q was inserted into a bench with large Majolica panels, also by Piazzetta, in Verde Pennellato color.
The panels were made to measure and chosen from the wide range of customizable colors, a possibility offered thanks to the artisan craftsmanship of Majolica that takes place in the company’s in-house factory where new unique pieces come to life every day.
On this refined Majolica top, the glow of the fire is reflected, absorbing its heat and contributing to its very pleasant diffusion, which also lingers over time with its gradual release.
A bench that is not only decoration, but also a functional element on which to sit and feel embraced by the warmth and crackling of the fire.

The hood rises up to the ceiling passing by the loft made with an original indoor mesh.
The fireplace thus becomes the beating heart of this veranda, an environment in which to enjoy moments of pure well-being and relaxation.
As in all Panoramic models, the rise and fall glass panel is concealed inside the base, a motorized movement that is operated by push-button controls. And as with this entire prestigious product line, the key word for the M360 Q model is customization.

Panoramic: an exclusive collection

The Panoramic line presents the best products to enhance the charm of fire, a collection of fireplaces that become true architectural solutions that bring the flame to the center of the home.

Design and technology come together creating a range of unique fireplaces. The perfect and harmonious geometries, the wide fire pit, the characteristic glass panels without metal profiles that disappear into the base thanks to a motorized system: all elements that elevate the fireplace concept.

Finally, customization. For those who choose a Panoramic product, Piazzetta provides a customized service for in-house design of all elements dedicated to installation because those who choose a Panoramic are as unique as their product.

6 fireboxes, 20 surrounds, one result: the charm of fire in your favorite room.

We thank our partner Tecnotetto for carrying out this original project from design to installation.

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