Now Reading: Heat your home cost-free (or nearly cost-free): save on heating with a wood-burning stove or pellet stove

Heat your home cost-free (or nearly cost-free): save on heating with a wood-burning stove or pellet stove

Heat your home cost-free (or nearly cost-free): save on heating with a wood-burning stove or pellet stove

Wood-burning stove or pellet stove? The size of your last heating bill gave you a shock and you’ve finally decided to take the big step. You’ve learned that it’s possible to tackle the winter months and have hot water all year round without spending a fortune. Like heating your home cost-free.

Yes, a beautiful wood-burning stove or pellet stove can help you cut your heating bill. Now you need to decide: which stove is best for you? You will probably already have asked friends and family for advice and they will all have given you pros and cons. Some decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly. Continue reading and we’ll explain the fundamental requirements for heating your home cost-free and choosing the perfect wood-burning stove or pellet stove for your home.

Wood-burning stoves: 5 good reasons for choosing one

Wood-burning stoves immediately evoke memories of a sense of well-being connected to ancestral memories. Without getting lost in poetry, however, you’re interested in how to heat your home economically and whether or not a wood-burning stove is the right choice for your home.

Stufa a legna moderna Piazzetta, modello E949M, stufa a risparmio energetico

Model E929 M – Airtight wood-burning stove with Majolica cladding

Here are the determining factors you need to consider before going ahead with the purchase:

The context

Do you live in a detached house, in the countryside perhaps? Or are you thinking of your holiday home in the mountains or next to the lake? For heating your home economically, you could consider a wood-burning stove. Do you live in a small flat in the city? Don’t worry: you don’t have to miss out on the pleasure only a wood-burning stove can provide. There are models that will fit in perfectly to small urban settings, supplementing or replacing your existing heating system. Your long winter evenings in front of the warm fire are safe.

How to heat your home and save money: wood

Wood costs significantly less than fossil fuels. It usually comes from sustainable sources and can be considered as an environmentally-friendly option. The sense of well-being it gives as it burns will make you think of a mountain cottage, regardless of where you actually are. If you live in the countryside you won’t have any trouble finding it. Do you live in a large city? Don’t worry: there are specialist companies that can deliver as much wood as you need quickly and efficiently.

La legna è un combustibile a costo zero che ti consente di risparmiare nel riscaldamento domestico.

Space for storing wood

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious home and are looking for a more economical heating system, a wood-burning stove is the ideal candidate. In order to get through the winter months, you’ll need a dry and ventilated space for storing the wood. Somewhere in the garden or next to the wall are perfect solutions. If you live in an apartment block, even your flat in the city could be suitable: at the end of the day all you need is a little space inside or outside for storing wood. The amount of wood you can store will of course be limited, but it should be enough for you to enjoy the charm of the wood-burning stove on special occasions.

Running your Wood-Burning Stove

Your stove will work even if the electrical power supply is interrupted and this is a great advantage. Remember that you need to light the stove and load the wood manually. Today’s stoves have achieved a high level of technology. All wood-burning stoves can be fitted with innovative systems such as the Multifuoco System, the Burn Control System and the Heat Storage System for slow heat release. The ancient charm of the wood-burning stove meets the comfort and pleasure of modern technology.

If you want to learn more about the Multifuoco System, please read this article.

Heating your home cost-free: the energy-efficiency of wood

In equal quantities, wood delivers less heat than pellets during combustion. The charm of burning wood is without rival, however.

Stufa a pellet rivestita con Maiolica, porta a sezione cilindrica in vetro curvato a filo. Cmaera di combustione ad alto rendimento che riscalda dall

Model P943 – Pellet stove with Majolica cladding

Heat your home cost-free (or nearly cost-free) with a Pellet stove: 5 good reasons for choosing one

Pellet stoves offer the convenience of pellets as well as a high level of heating power. Perhaps less “romantic” than wood, pellets are in any case the right choice for heating the home for less.

The context

Pellet stoves have the advantage of being able to adapt equally well to large houses and small flats in the city. If you need to heat your home in a practical way and program your heating system in advance based on your specific needs, a pellet stove is the right choice for you.

The fuel: pellets

Authorised reseller, supermarket, shopping centre, association: finding pellets has become very easy. Available all year round in convenient low-priced sacks, even at large retail outlets, pellets are the ideal solution if you need to stock up on fuel for your stove quickly and easily as well as keeping an eye on the cost of heating your home. Always remember to choose DIN Plus and EN Plus certified quality pellets . These are essential for ensuring the correct operation of your stove, improving its efficiency and providing levels of performance in line with that declared by the manufacturer. They also reduce the need for maintenance and cleaning. Even pollution is reduced to a minimum because the fuel comes from responsibly-managed sources.

Pellet certificato di qualità per stufe

Space for storing pellets

Small/medium-sized flats will find the pellet stove to be a valued friend. From amongst the many advantages offered by pellets, usually sold in practical sacks, we should highlight in particular how easy they to transport and store, how long they last and the lack of residues.

The advantages of running a Pellet Stove

Pellet stoves offer the most in terms programmability. In addition to technological innovation (the pleasure of uniform heat offered by the “Multifuoco System”) the big advantage of pellet stoves is that they are real heating systems that can be connected, in the case of pellet boiler-stoves, to radiators. You can adjust them to achieve your ideal temperature during the days and times you are at home; you can program both the switch-on and switch-off times. Once you’ve set your parameters, the stove will then fully automatically load the exact quantity of pellets required to fulfil your request. In addition, using the Piazzetta App you can remotely switch on or off all the functions offered by your pellet stove using a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. That’s quite convenient, don’t you think?

Find the style that best suits your home with designer stoves

The energy efficiency of pellets and tax relief

The pellet stove control system eliminates waste and therefore offers significant savings: the stove is switched on and off when you need it, adapting the temperature to your requirements and scheduling operating times.

Wood-burning stoves and pellet stoves: fuel costs

You will surely have asked yourself how much it costs to switch from oil heating to pellet or wood fuel. Aside from the cost of buying the stove, what are the long-term cost savings? Is it worth switching from conventional oil or gas heating to a pellet or wood-burning stove?

This question can be answered by AIEL (the Italian Association of Agro-forestry energy sources) using these graphs:

Grafico andamento costi energia legna, gas metano e pellet degli ultimi 10 anni
  1. Primary energy cost (euro/mwh) trend from 2007 to 2017 (excluding VAT and transport)

The above graph considers the period from 2007 to 2017 and measures changes in the cost of primary energy sources in terms of Euro/Milliwatt hour over ten years. The cost of wood, amongst the cheapest fuels, has remained largely unchanged over the years, increasing only slightly at the beginning of 2017; the cost of pellets, measured from October 2011, is slightly higher than the cost of wood, and has seen larger rises and falls. At the beginning of this year it returned to its original value. Methane, diesel oil and LPG have very different trends.

Grafico dei costi energia primaria come il gas per il riscaldamento, gas per riscaldamento agricolo, il gpl per uso domestico e metano con iva e tasse incluse

2. Cost of primary energy sources at 2017 (euro/mwh) including VAT and tax, to the end consumer, including transport

Graphs 1 and 2 from


What is the most economical heating system?
The second graph shows the cost to you of primary energy sources as of January 2017: the cost of energy including VAT, tax and transport. It is clear how wood and pellets offer significant savings with respect to other energy sources, and are the best choice even today.

The best stove for your home: final remarks

Now that we’ve looked at a few general characteristics of both types of stove, what have you decided? Are you leaning towards the timeless warmth that only wood can provide or are you thinking that the convenience of pellets better meets your requirements? In both instances you can relax: whatever your choice is, you can be certain you will be installing a modern and safe stove in your home and that you’ll be able to generate heat at low cost. Choose the pleasure of an elegant and welcoming home, making smart savings on your heating bill.

Are you interested in heating your home cost-free?

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