Now Reading: How can you transform a wood-burning fireplace into a pellet fireplace?

How can you transform a wood-burning fireplace into a pellet fireplace?

How can you transform a wood-burning fireplace into a pellet fireplace?

Can a pellet fireplace breathe new life into an old open fireplace? Yes, absolutely. A modern closed pellet fireplace, in addition to saving you money, won’t make you miss out on the charm that only a wood fire can provide.

If you think that restoring your old wood-burning fireplace would be a huge and very expensive job, get ready to change your mind because converting a wood-burning fireplace into a pellet fireplace is easy and advantageous.

The pellets used in stoves and boilers are an excellent choice for fireplaces as well: the ideal solution, combining the tradition of a firebox with the benefits of a renewable fuel such as pellets.

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Piazzetta pellet fireplace – Barcellona model: Majolica cladding in iron grey and side profiles in blasted steel. Pellet firebox model MP 973

Pellet fireplace: how does it work?

Before anything else: what does ‘pellet fireplace’ mean? A pellet fireplace is formed of a firebox that uses pellets as fuel. This can be fitted either in a pre-existing fireplace or in a new construction. This means that converting a wood-burning fireplace into a pellet fireplace is very easy.

If you have an old fireplace in your lounge or cellar and you’ve realised that despite the fact it consumes lots of wood, it doesn’t manage to heat your home, now you can fit a pellet-burning insert into the existing structure.

Just like that, a pellet-burning insert will allow you to restore your old fireplace, using a pipe inside the existing chimney flue and, as you might imagine, any building work required is reduced to a minimum. Pretty advantageous, no?

In the event of a new-build home, you can use a pellet-burning single unit or also a pellet-burning insert, which you can then combine with the cladding that best suits the style of your home. If you want to find out more about this, we encourage you to read about fireplace cladding, to get a better idea.

Camino ad angolo a legna Modello Vipiteno, Marca Piazzetta con rivestimento in marmo trani bocciardato.

The photo shows a traditional open fireplace restored with a Piazzetta pellet-burning insert.

Some of the great benefits you’ll notice straight away when you convert your wood-burning fireplace into a pellet fireplace:

  • it’s no longer necessary to put wood in the firebox once an hour in order to keep the fire going. Highly convenient, without a doubt
  • you will be able to program automatic switching on and off

Discover the advantages of converting your old wood-burning fireplace into a pellet fireplace, but remember that, differently from your old wood-burning fireplace, pellet-burning appliances require an electrical power supply.

Cornice in Maiolica Piazzetta per camino a pellet- Modello Darwin con due forme assimetriche, una decorata e l

Darwin model pellet fireplace: cladding in hand-crafted Majolica, dual colour version with Sahara and White finish, enriched with bas-relief decorations on one panel, profiles in black painted steel.

We have the perfect pellet fireplace for your home

Pellet fireplace, discover the advantages

Pellet fireplaces are beautiful and efficient: high performance, long autonomy, automatic switching on and switching off that can be programmed: these are just a few of the innovative features that characterise new generation fireplaces. If you want to learn more about all these innovations, come to our store and discover all the properties of pellet inserts and pellet single units.

Let’s take a look now at why converting your old open fireplace into a closed pellet fireplace is exceptionally convenient.

Pellet stoves can be programmed

Have you ever woken up early in the morning and had to have breakfast in the cold? Traditional heating systems, even when you switch them on as soon as you wake up, need time to reach the set temperature and heat the room. It’s only when you are about to leave that it has warmed up. This is a great way of starting the day on the wrong foot.

Pellet fireplaces feature programmable switching on: thanks to a remote control with LCD display you can set automatic switching on and switching off times, using daily, weekly and weekend programming. Coming back to our example, this means you can set automatic switching on times from Monday to Friday, at the time you want. You can therefore get your pellet stove to switch on an hour before you wake up: having breakfast in a warm room will be a totally different experience.

Piazzetta camino a pellet - Modello Easy con cornice in Maiolica

Manage your pellet stove using an App on your tablet or smartphone

Programming offers the very convenient ability to automatically switch on your pellet fireplace at pre-set times.

What if you’re out with friends and you decide at the last minute to improvise a dinner at your house? Don’t worry, there is a solution even in this case and you won’t have to miss out on the pleasure of dining with your friends and arriving home to a warm house. Now you can switch on your pellet fireplace and set all the functions from wherever you are using a smartphone or tablet.

Using the Piazzetta App you can remotely switch on or off all the functions offered by your pellet fireplace via Wi-Fi. You can download it directly from the Apple and Android stores. Is there anything more practical and functional?

Piazzetta app per smartphone per programmare e gestire le stufe

The best pellet stoves can duct heat up to16 metres away, even onto different floors

Do you still think a fireplace can only heat the room it is installed in? You couldn’t be more wrong. Thanks to a warm air ducting system, you can now heat your entire home safely, uniformly and efficiently using the Multifuoco® System. For full details of the advantages it offers, discover all the features in this article we’ve written on the Multifuoco® System.

The advantages of pellets

Of course it isn’t the only fuel available, but without doubt it is:

  • practical, easy to find and transport
  • sustainable, certified pellets come from responsibly-managed forests
  • economical, it has a lower cost that most other fuels

Read this article on the advantages of pellets to find out more.

In addition, running a pellet fireplace, as with all products fuelled by pellets (single units, stoves and inserts) is very convenient: once you have created your settings, the fireplace will automatically load the exact amount of fuel required to fulfil your request. You just need to fill the reservoir and it will do all the rest. That’s quite convenient, don’t you think?

Of course you need to know how to choose the best pellets. To be clear: you can drive a Ferrari, but if you fuel it with water instead of petrol… In the same way, if you use poor quality pellets, the benefits and performance of your fireplace will be greatly limited.

If you don’t know what to do, read the article we’ve written on how to choose the best pellets, you’ll find lots of useful information.

The best modern pellet fireplaces

However strange combining the words “fireplace” and “pellets” might seem, we’ve seen how the best pellet fireplaces are excellent substitutes for old open fireplaces that burn wood: converting your wood-burning fireplace into a pellet fireplace has never been easier!

Enhance the room by adding the modern technology of pellet heating to your traditional fireplace. In addition, above all in the case of inserts, no heavy building work is required.

They are easy to control, even remotely via App; they can be programmed and are also eligible for Government tax incentives.

Come and choose the pellet fireplace that best suits your home

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