Now Reading: How can you increase the heat output of an open fireplace? Find out about fireplace inserts

How can you increase the heat output of an open fireplace? Find out about fireplace inserts

How can you increase the heat output of an open fireplace? Find out about fireplace inserts

Is heating a room with your old fireplace a real struggle and would you like to find a solution to the problem? In truth, the heating efficiency of an open fireplace is very low: this is because the combustion chamber is open and the firebox heats the room directly.

Is it possible to improve the energy efficiency of your old open fireplace? The answer is yes. Continue reading and we’ll tell you how wood-burning or pellet fireplace inserts are the solution you’ve been looking for to restore your old fireplace without losing any of its charm: you don’t need to give up the beauty of the flame!

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Wood-burning and pellet-burning fireplace inserts: operation, advantages and savings with the thermal counter

Increasing the heat output of your open fireplace without dismantling it is much less complicated than you think, using dedicated inserts installed inside the mouth of the chimney. Installation is easy and costs much less than removing your old firebox.

New generation inserts for wood-burning and pellet fireplaces guarantee maximum comfort, significant savings on your heating bill, low fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Do you think your old fireplace is too big – or too small – for a suitable insert? No problem: there are all different sizes of inserts for wood-burning and pellet stoves to suit your existing firebox.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to give up the unique atmosphere of an open fire: view all Piazzetta fireplace inserts

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Wood-burning fireplace inserts: functions and advantages

You love wood fires but want to improve the heating efficiency of your open fireplace. No problem, you can convert your open fireplace into a closed fireplace with a wood-burning insert, which can also be ventilated and ducted.

These wood-burning inserts are specially designed to be installed in existing conventional fireplaces. Why choose one? Because they guarantee far better levels of performance and practical, safe and pleasant use. Some models can also be fitted with the innovative Multifuoco® System and Multifuoco® Plus with electronic control: do you already know about these? We’ve written an article about them: read it to find out how easy it is to control the heating of your home.

Here are some further details about some of the properties of our new generation wood-burning inserts:

  • wood-burning inserts are equipped with cast-iron braziers. The geometry of the holes in the brazier allows for calibrated primary air intake* and therefore high-efficiency combustion
  • The preheated tertiary air system optimises combustion, ensuring high performance and low emissions into the atmosphere.
  • the fume valve with automatic opening is practical and safe and can be removed for periodical cleaning of the flue
  • the door with concealed handle gives the insert clean and elegant lines
  • maintenance is quick and easy
  • the high-efficiency ventilation system can be controlled manually or automatically
  • the reduced weight – despite the robust steel structure – makes handling and transport easy as well as allowing for significant flexibility in installation solutions

These are just a few of the special features of wood-burning inserts. To find out more, read this technical data sheet on Piazzetta wood-burning inserts.

Primary air, the first flow that passes through the lower part of the firebox to activate combustion. Secondary air, the flow that ignites double combustion. Pre-heated tertiary air injected into the upper part of the stove, recovers and burns residues.

Choosing the type of wood to burn in your home isn’t as simple as you might expect. Don’t just consider the price: continue reading and you’ll find out why choosing the best wood fuel to heat your home is a great way of saving money.

Pellet-burning inserts: functions and advantages

Do you want to close an open fireplace and change fuel? You might be surprised to learn that it is possible to convert a wood-burning fireplace into a pellet fireplace. There are special pellet-burning inserts designed to be inserted into open fireplaces to reduce heat dispersion to a minimum.

Taking this step will allow you to recover heat from the chimney and enjoy the convenience of a practical fuel such as pellets, without compromising on the pleasure of the flame.

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These advanced pellet-burning fireplace inserts offer high levels of efficiency and long autonomy, with programmable switching on and off as standard. In addition, you can rely on:

  • the Multifuoco® System: as standard on all models, which allows the heat generated to be distributed uniformly throughout the space from floor to ceiling, even ducting air into adjacent rooms or the floor above or below
  • the Dual Power System: pellet-burning inserts are equipped with dual motors to achieve the ideal air flow across different rooms
  • the remote control with LCD display with Multicomfort function allows you to regulate the desired temperature in the room where the insert is installed and adjoining rooms. The remote control also functions as a timer-thermostat with weekly, daily and weekend programming
  • the new Piazzetta App: this allows you to adjust switch-on and switch-off times and different functions using your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, for efficient usage in line with your needs

An insert for pellet-burning fireplaces will convert your old open fireplace into a closed one simply and safely, thanks to a functional device such as a pellet stove:

  • these are easy to install and to remove for loading, cleaning and maintenance
  • these are equipped with automatic locking systems to prevent accidental opening of the door and a manual release mechanism
  • they are equipped with a reservoir as standard, which can be combined with an optional tray that allows you to top up with pellets in a practical and easy way, even with the insert on
  • the standard reservoir can be supplemented by an optional loading kit (on the front, right or left side), which increases the capacity of the reservoir and thereby operating autonomy
  • a sensor in the reservoir constantly monitors the quantity of pellets. Once the minimum level has been reached, a signal on the remote control indicates the need to reload
  • the cast-iron firebox ensures a high level of heat exchange and greater output

Are you surprised by all these advantages but still not convinced? Read this article with further information about inserts for pellet-burning fireplaces.

Are you wondering how to choose the best pellets? We’ve written a short guide on the properties good pellets should have.

A new lease of life for your old fireplace (and your home) with a wood-burning or pellet-burning fireplace insert

Your old firebox is ready to be reborn: we’ve shown you how you can improve the efficiency of your open fireplace using a wood-burning or pellet-burning insert.

Do you want to increase the heating efficiency of your fireplace?

Find out about fireplace inserts

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