Now Reading: M360 Q Panoramic Fireplace. Beauty that generates emotion

M360 Q Panoramic Fireplace. Beauty that generates emotion

M360 Q Panoramic Fireplace. Beauty that generates emotion

In the enchantment of winter, when the freezing breeze envelops the world in an embrace of ice crystals, there is a haven of warmth and refinement that stands as a symbol of class: the Panoramic fireplace. A majestic work of art, not only a dispenser of warmth, but a portal to an emotional and convivial experience wrapped in elegance.

In this article, we will explore the refined living room of a Piazzetta customer who chose a luxury fireplace to add heat to the home. From artistic details to cutting-edge technology, the heat emanating from our fireplace is not only physical, but also an emotional warmth that envelops the senses and transforms spaces into dreamlike settings.

Art and belonging. A fireplace in our land

Today we do not need to make a long journey to find the new home of one of our products. We simply need to move a few meters from the company and enter one of the narrow alleys that can be taken to go uphill to the historic center of Asolo. And there we are immediately enveloped in beauty, a word that befits the fireplace, the house and the town in which we find ourselves and which we know well.

Asolo, this is where Piazzetta products are born. Here is where the concept, the design, the prototype come from, where the production takes place. Asolo is known for its artistic atmosphere and the beauty of its hilly landscape, with vineyards and olive groves surrounding the town. A beauty that inspires our products, such as the Panoramic Line, composed of highly elegant fireplaces to give a 360-degree view of the fire, the dominant element, like the rocca that rises on Monte Ricco and can be seen from every surrounding village.

Because beauty deserves to be admired from every perspective.

Warmth and emotions around the M360 Q fireplace

Nestled in the modern atmosphere of a newly renovated old house, this fireplace embodies the essence of comfort and opulence, with its dancing flame that creates an enveloping and cozy atmosphere. Every detail reflects the artisan know-how and impeccable design, while the crackling of burning wood becomes the soundtrack of unforgettable evenings.

The M360 Q fireplace was installed in a large living room with an open space where design elements can be found in every corner: the large French doors that overlook the garden and during the day illuminate the house with light, the raised living room, the Panoramic fireplace, the classic wooden beams.

The common denominator of these elements is brown, a color which comes in various shades, evoking different feelings. Brown is often used in interiors to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, thanks to its color that recalls the earth and evokes feelings of warmth and welcome. But that’s not all. Its call to nature and simplicity is a connection that also conveys feelings of peace and harmony with its surroundings.

This color that surrounds us from the tiles to the beams, from the fixtures to the raised living room, finds further elegance and refinement in the Cor-ten color hood of the Panoramic M360 Q. The fireplace hood is custom-made to allow installation in any room and among the three available colors (Bianco, Nero and Cor-ten), the shade chosen by the customer undoubtedly creates the most superb combination.

The square base inserted in the raised floor offers a view of the grate at ground level, evoking the beautiful sensations of a night under the stars around a campfire. An original architectural choice of absolute value, which eliminates the need for a surround and integrates the flame with the furniture.

The large panoramic glass allows the fire to be enjoyed from every corner of the house, and its central location enhances the atmosphere of gathering. In addition to guaranteeing the spectacle of the flame, this glass ensures easy operation thanks to its rise n’fall movement, completely concealed inside the base, to load wood and clean the brazier in great convenience.

A dominant fireplace, to be experienced while dining with lifelong friends or enjoying an evening on the sofa with your family, creating the best atmosphere on Christmas morning when children are unwrapping presents under the tree, to indulge in moments of quiet relaxation.

The M360 Q Panoramic fireplace is a source of true warmth, that reaches out to touch the most sensitive strings of emotion.

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