Now Reading: Modern designer fireplaces or rustic fireplaces? Choose the best one for your home

Modern designer fireplaces or rustic fireplaces? Choose the best one for your home

Modern designer fireplaces or rustic fireplaces? Choose the best one for your home

Is a designer fireplace enough to transform your home into a modern home? Yes, as long as you choose the right one.

We’ve got good news for those looking for houses to restore or that have just bought a restored home; there are different types of fireplaces. Stone fireplace, rustic fireplaces, double-sided fireplaces, modern wall-mounted or corner fireplaces, fireplaces set into walls and panoramic fireplaces. The choice is so broad that it can be difficult to choose. Every home has a clearly defined style and the fireplace in you home should fit in with your tastes, whatever they are, without forcing you to compromise on heating efficiency and warmth.

Have you ever thought of installing a modern fireplace in a country home, perhaps against a stone wall? There is a wide range of cladding available for fireplaces.

Are you looking for cladding for a modern fireplace? If you’re confused by styles, materials and furnishing solutions, don’t worry: continue reading and we’ll give you an idea of the criteria to be taken into consideration when choosing the right modern fireplace for you that best fits your style.

Modern designer fireplaces or rustic fireplaces? Everyone has their own style

Camino a legna rivestito in Maiolica fatta a mano, colore Kaki. Camino a parete Piazzetta Modello Adelaide

Piazzetta wood-burning fireplace – Adelaide Model – Surround in handmade Majolica in khaki with profile in black painted steel

The fireplace has always been the focal point of the home, but recently it has become a true added-value item. Are you wondering how to clad a modern fireplace? To help you choose the fireplace that best suits your needs, lets look at the main styles:

Ideas for a modern fireplace

Clean, minimalist lines, refined finishes and cladding, contemporary tastes cutting edge technology: designer fireplaces are truly innovative items (if you want to find out more about the technologies they employ, such as, for example, how to heat the home uniformly) with a high visual impact. Modern designer fireplaces enrich the tone of every environment, thanks to their refined elegance.

Camini moderni a legna Piazzetta: Modello Lipsia, cornice in maiolica colore bianco fatta a mano con profilo in acciaio

The photo shows an example of a wood-burning fireplace by Piazzetta – Lipsia model – Surround in handmade Majolica in white with profile in painted steel


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Restored homes: how to enhance a stone wall with a modern fireplace

For those that live in a large city, country homes are a way of escaping the stress of everyday life, a place to take refuge at the weekend to find peace. A country house, a stream, yellow leaves falling lazily in the garden. Inside a modern house that has just been restored, a lounge with a fireplace and stone walls – if you’re expecting a rustic fireplace in stone, brick and wood, you are wrong. In today’s restored homes, modern fireplaces are setting the tone, thanks to a fireplace cladding material rich in personality such as Majolica, able to enhance modern homes.

The photo shows a stone wall with a modern wood-burning fireplace with a Majolica surround – Derby model – cladding in hand-made Majolica in Sahara made from a single element, base, profile and optional chimney hood in painted black steel.


Once you’ve chosen your style, you then need to consider another important aspect: how to furnish your lounge with a modern fireplace, inserting it into the small or large spaces in your home.

Do you think you don’t have enough room or are you worried that the only free space is in a corner of the lounge? Don’t worry: today’s fireplaces can adapt to all type of spaces and allow you to make the most of existing spaces.

Wall mounted or corner-mounted modern fireplace? Purchasing guide

You’ve finally decided: you’ve fallen in love with one of the beautiful designer wood-burning fireplaces you’ve seen above. Or, there was that beautiful rustic wood-burning fireplace that already makes you think of pleasant evenings in front of a roaring fire. Now you need to work out how to adapt it to the spaces in your home. How?

You should know that there are many solutions to this problem: fireplaces can be fitted in any type of room without any problems. There are modern corner fireplaces, modern wall-mounted fireplaces, modern wall-inset fireplaces, panoramic fireplaces and double-sided fireplaces. Lets look at these in more detail.

Modern corner fireplaces

Modern corner fireplaces or corner fireplaces, as well as being beautiful, create a relaxing corner in an area of the room in which the space is probably not being put to best use. In this way that space can become an oasis of relaxation to share with the family or on your own, ideal for situations with limited space, freeing up other walls.

Camini moderni angolare a legna Piazzetta: Modello Bristol, cornice in maiolica colore bianco fatta a mano con rialzo e spalle in marmo

Piazzetta corner wood-burning fireplace – Bristol model – Cladding with base and bench in Majolica. Raised element and rear supports in marble. Firebox with corner glass.


The modern wall-mounted fireplace

With an open firebox, it is the evolution of the classic fireplace: a real furnishing feature. A modern wood-burning fireplace, installed on a wall in your lounge for example. This can become beautiful piece of interior design as eye-catching as a precious painting. It is also functional – in the case of boiler-fireplaces, they can be integrated with the plumbing and generate domestic hot water. A modern wood-burning boiler-fireplace can enhance your lounge and heat your home.

Modern fireplace inset into the wall

An interesting variation on the theme a modern fireplaces inset into the wall: fitted walls like this combine practicality and contemporary design with the classic design of fireplaces. Fitted walls should take account of the structure and position of the fireplace, which is fundamental for determining the organisation of shelves for displaying objects or a compartment for a TV. Inserting a fireplace into a fitted wall has become a very fashionable thing to do, combining practicality, modularity and aesthetics. Once you’ve carried out the necessary assessments with the relevant professionals able to design and build the wall based on the requirements of each room, the wow effect is guaranteed.

Camini moderni a legna Piazzetta: Modello Newport installabile a filo muro, richiede solo l

Piazzetta modern wood-burning fireplace: Newport model, can be installed flush with the wall, with surround in white Majolica with swing opening. The raised element in steel for the wood-burning firebox becomes a handy wood storage area.


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Camini moderni Piazzetta Rivestimento in Maiolica, a sinistra cornice in Maiolica color bruno rame, a destra modello Lancaster con rivestimento a sviluppo verticale colore Senape

On the left the Vienna model with pellet-burning boiler-fireplace firebox MP 973 TH, surround in Majolica with bas relief decoration in Copper Brown; on the right, the Lancaster model with wood-burning firebox MA 266 SL, base and front panel in handmade Majolica in Mustard, raised element in marble that can be tinted to order.

Modern central fireplaces

Panoramic fireplaces, like suspended fireplaces, are a decidedly theatrical choice. The fireplace dominates the room and becomes a distinctive design element even when unlit. The romantic, intimate and welcoming atmosphere that only a firebox can create remains unchanged. Certainly closer to a modern and minimalist style, whilst the structure of a suspended fireplace doesn’t touch the ground and is instead anchored to the ceiling, a panoramic fireplace is comprised of a base and hood.

Caminetto Stoccolma Piazzetta - Camino rotondo con base in Maiolica fatta a mano. Rialzo tinteggiabile a piacere. Profilo e cappa in acciaio verniciato nero. Focolare dotato di apertura del vetro con saliscendi motorizzato elettricamente.

The photo shows an example of modern fireplace cladding Majolica: Piazzetta Panoramic range room-centre fireplace – model M360T – with Stockholm cladding, profile and hood in steel painted black. The firebox is equipped with a panoramic glass with a motorised lift mechanism.

Double-sided fireplace

Double-sided fireplaces, as the name suggests, allow you to enjoy the warmth of the fire from two opposite sides, separating two large rooms and heating them both thanks to a double opening. Open spaces, large lounge areas, in the centre of the room or fitted into a wall: whatever your choice, a modern double-sided fireplace is certainly an aesthetically pleasing solution.

Camini moderni - Rivestimento cornice in Maiolica fatta a mano, con decori in basso rilievo con profilo in acciaio verniciato nero (colore rosso lava)

The photo shows an example of a Piazzetta modern double-sided fireplace: wood-burning firebox MA263 BSL with Colony cladding, handmade Majolica surround in red with bas-relief decoration. Profile in painted steel.

A determining factor for tastefully furnishing your lounge is the cladding on your modern fireplace. There are several different types of material available for covering the structure. Cladding for modern fireplaces should be carefully chosen and a fundamental aspect to consider is maintenance.

Cladding for modern fireplaces: which to choose?

The cladding on a modern fireplace is a key element in its success: there are a wide range of different materials to choose from to make your fireplace unique and special. Based on the style you like best, you can find the cladding that suits you best. In general, the materials used for cladding are:

  • steel
  • stone
  • Majolica
  • marble
  • plasterboard
  • masonry

These materials, combined with the different types and styles of firebox and with the a touch of creativity, there are a wide range of possibilities.

Modern designer fireplaces for interior design: final considerations

Modern wood-burning fireplaces, and also those fuelled by pellets and by gas, offer a valid alternative to conventional heating systems, and in addition can furnish your home, adapting perfectly to your style.

Modern fireplaces, rustic fireplaces, classical or antique fireplaces, can integrate perfectly into any room, from the kitchen to the lounge, from the cellar to bedroom. They can integrate with the furnishings, such as some modern wall-mounted fireplaces, like little jewels; focal points such as the panoramic fireplaces; strategic and faithful space-saving devices such as the modern corner fireplaces. They have different shapes, sizes and cladding, but they all feature innovative technologies and offer the charm that only a fireplace can provide.

Modern or rustic fireplace: still undecided?

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