Now Reading: Multifuoco System: innovation for well-being

Multifuoco System: innovation for well-being

Multifuoco System: innovation for well-being

I kept thinking about all the hot air from the fireplace rising and dispersing in the room, leaving that strange feeling of cold floors and warm ceilings. Letting go of all that hot air somehow seemed like a waste. So why not take the hot air that tends to rise, channel it downwards and let it out from below, thus distributing the heat more evenly in the room?

And so, Domenico Piazzetta and his R&D technicians invented the Multifuoco® System, later tested by researchers at the Institute of Technical Physics at the University of Padua. It was 1976.

Multifuoco came about in response to a problem, an intercepted need solved with innovation, a dominant gene in our company’s DNA. Forty-six years have passed since Multifuoco was first launched, and today it is still one of the distinguishing technical features of Piazzetta stoves.

Let’s take a look at the features, benefits and applications of this revolutionary system.

How does the Multifuoco System work?

First of all, it is worth going over how traditional heating systems work. These systems exploit the principle of natural convection, according to which warm air naturally concentrates and stratifies up high. The disadvantage is that the air skimming the ground never heats up, leaving the floor at low temperatures. This can create discomfort, especially for those who like to walk barefoot around the house. This unpleasant temperature difference between the floor and ceiling is a problem many people continue to face in the winter months.

The Multifuoco® System eliminates this annoying sensation by introducing a forced ventilation system that effectively forces the air to move in an opposite direction to the natural one.
With the Multifuoco® System, warm air is released from the bottom part of the stove, just below the fireboxes, automatically coming into action when the machine body comes up to temperature. Once in operation, the motors draw in air from the slots above the stove, which is then heated by passing through the inner walls and finally discharged through the adjustable vents located below.

The Multifuoco® System is managed directly by the user via the remote control. Using a few simple buttons, you can set the fan speed for ideal comfort in the room.
Moreover, the distributed heat is emitted at a high temperature, but at low speed to ensure utmost silence.

The ducting option and Multifuoco System Plus

Forced ventilation is not limited to discharging warm air into the room from below. The Multifuoco® System can in fact become a genuine heating system for your home. Thanks to a simple hot-air ducting system, you can direct the heat into different rooms, safe in the knowledge that you will always enjoy the same comfort as in the room where the stove is located. The warm air is conveyed through suitably insulated flexible hoses with a small diameter (about 75mm) and easy to install.
Depending on whether you choose a wood-burning or pellet stove, the ducting system allows the warm air to be conveyed up to a distance of 10 metres for the former, and as far as 16 metres for the latter.

The Multifuoco® System Plus is the latest development in forced ventilation, the technical evolution of the Multifuoco® System. Applicable on wood-burning stoves and fireplaces, it can be controlled via the remote control with LCD display, which also acts as a thermostat, allowing a reference temperature to be set and the fan speed to be automatically adjusted.

What are the benefits of the Multifuoco System?

The description of its operating principle may have been a little difficult to understand. The benefits offered by the Multifuoco® System, however, are certainly clearer.

Firstly, this technology provides you with maximum well-being, effectively and evenly distributing the heat throughout the entire room, from floor to ceiling. This means a constant feeling of cosy warmth throughout the body.

The heat produced by stoves with the Multifuoco feature can evenly heat large rooms, reaching even the furthest point from the stove. All this occurs very quickly thanks to the high performance of Piazzetta products.

This heat diffusion system is not only the most effective for home heating, it is also an excellent tool for improving the air quality inside the home, as it eliminates excess humidity by countering the formation of mould.

The possibility to adjust the heating with the remote control is yet another great advantage: a very practical tool for managing thermal comfort in your home.

If you also opt for the ducting system, the benefits grow. You can send warm air into other rooms in the home, even on different floors, making the stove a heat generator for the entire house. This translates into excellent cost savings due to the ratio of gas compared to wood and pellets.

Designed and developed to improve your well-being in the home, Multifuoco® System is available as standard for all pellet products, and can be installed on request in wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.

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