Now Reading: P943 Pellet Stove: a new style rooted in tradition

P943 Pellet Stove: a new style rooted in tradition

P943 Pellet Stove: a new style rooted in tradition

The Prestige Line presents Piazzetta’s most exclusive pellet stoves. Majolica cladding, comprehensive standard equipment and the best technological innovations are all encapsulated in the five products making up this luxurious range.

The P943 is the benchmark product, a pellet stove featuring an elegant and cylindrical shape, entirely clad in Majolica and characterised by flush-curved glass. Available in six colours, it boasts an innovative combustion chamber ensuring high efficiency and maximum heat output of 12kW, making it ideal for heating rooms up to 345m3.

A Piazzetta stove on the Asiago Plateau

Piazzetta stoves are designed to be the best solution in terms of efficiency and visual appeal. Without compromise, every product is designed to satisfy both heating and furnishing functions, and the variety of our range means there’s a perfect stove for every room.

The high number of quality installations made each year is proof of the fact that our stoves are regarded as genuine design elements. Every stove has a story to tell made of different tastes and styles leading it to find the perfect home, its final destination at the end of a beautiful journey that begins with our designs. A journey that brought us to Gallio, a municipality in Vicenza sitting at an altitude of more than 1000 metres, situated in the central basin of the “Altopiano dei Sette Comuni”, better known as the Asiago Plateau. This area is but one of Veneto’s many treasures, an alluring destination just 50 km from the Piazzetta Group’s headquarters. Hence, the keyword we chose to describe this installation is belonging: a stylish stove that finds the height of its expression in one of our region’s most evocative landscapes, combining tradition and innovation just like our Group’s DNA.

The snow-covered roads that lead to Gallio prepare us for the warm welcome we receive as we enter this mountain home, and are immediately enveloped by the warmth of the P943. The stove immediately catches our attention, but without stealing the scene from the entire room where it has been beautifully and cleverly placed in coordination with every item of furniture. The rectangular bas-reliefs adorning the Majolica cladding recall the square shape of the wooden beams and timber flooring. And yet, the forms and colour of the P943 is what dominates: Sea-Green Blue, one of the most exclusive and striking shades you can introduce to a room, but which is decidedly enhanced in our hosts’ mountain home.

They explain to us that the house was recently renovated with the specific intention of installing a pellet stove. So the home has essentially been designed and built with a stove in mind, and this is particularly evident in the decision to use rear venting and the installation flush with the wall. The absence of any piping in the top or side of the stove allows the room to maintain the stunning effect of the wooden beams and walls. A choice that helps present the P943 as an elegant item of furniture in harmony with its surroundings.

The Sea-Green Blue colour is the perfect choice for this home. The living and dining areas are separated only by a partition wall, creating an open-space room that our P943 effortlessly heats thanks to its impressive heat output.

The stove sits against this wall, thus completing a décor that aesthetically enhances this architectural element. On the two sides of the wall, we find an electric-blue-coloured sideboard and a dark-brown chest, both adorned with pots with bright green-leafed plants. The P943 has been inserted on the end of the wall and, viewed from the front, creates a beautiful irregular step effect, like a podium where it appears as the dominant element.

In terms of colour, the exquisite Sea-Green Blue perfectly matches the floral décor scattered around the room on the furniture, shelves and windowsills, and the light-coloured wood that dominates throughout, from the floor to the walls and even the ceiling.

And we have saved the most impressive feature for last: the special position where the P943 has been installed. Located in the centre of the room, the P943 is in the perfect spot to evenly heat the entire space. And the centre of the room is undoubtedly the most effective position to enjoy the warmth of stoves. Moreover, in this particular position, the P943 is struck by the natural light from the large French window, enhancing the sophisticated and shiny effect of the Majolica. The P943 warms the room thanks to the radiant Majolica, creating a beautiful winter atmosphere when evening falls, combining its flame with the sunset silhouetted against the snowy landscape.

A carefully thought-out style that respects the traditional look and feel of mountain homes, without renouncing a high-design composition in terms of both structure and colour. Our P943 has found the perfect setting in which to stand out and make its stylish contribution.

Not just looks: the benefits of a stove in the mountains

We have seen how stoves are perfect for furnishing mountain homes, but the benefits go far beyond mere beauty. Our pellet stoves in fact have the advantage of being remotely programmable and operable via the My Piazzetta app. This way, if you have a holiday home in the mountains, you can turn the stove on as soon as you leave to get there and find the home heated, ready to give you a warm welcome: the best way to start your mountain holiday.

Furthermore, the heat output of Prestige stoves is ideal for heating homes with large open spaces, such as the one where the P943 was installed.

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