Now Reading: Piazzetta, a world of reliability. The new guarantee extension is here.

Piazzetta, a world of reliability. The new guarantee extension is here.

Piazzetta, a world of reliability. The new guarantee extension is here.

For us, September is always a month for changes and new projects. This is the case with the Easy Life programme, which offers customers purchasing a Piazzetta stove or fireplace the chance to extend their guarantee up to 5 years at no extra cost.

Let’s take a look at Easy Life and understand how it works.

Below is a list of what the Easy Life free guarantee extension includes.

Parts in contact with the flame, removable parts and parts subject to wear:
Piazzetta 1-year Easy Life cover

Electrical, electronic, electromechanical and glass parts:
2-year Easy Life cover

Structure of steel frame:
5-year Easy Life cover

Availability of original spare parts for 10 years.

Accessing the portal, a screen will appear with all the details and conditions of the Easy Life programme. Clicking on “register now” immediately launches the guarantee extension procedure.

Remember that registration must be completed within 30 days of purchasing your product. Once 30 days have passed, you will only have the right to the legal cover.

The registration process is very quick and intuitive.

Once you have entered all of your personnel details, simply scan the barcode on the product serial-number plate with your smartphone. You can also find this code on the “guarantee extension” coupon included in the product documentation.

Alternatively, instead of using your smartphone, you can enter the serial number indicated next to the barcode. See the image below.

The next step is to upload the purchase documents. Here you can also handily upload documents for any maintenance actions performed. This way, you can be sure to have all of your files in order and ready to hand if they are needed.

Once you have added these documents, you can view the products purchased. By clicking on the product, you can view a summary of all information and check the guarantee cover period.

If you need assistance, you can easily ask for support directly from the portal. The “Request support” function is located below the summary. Clicking on this will launch our Customer Services procedure.

Easy Life represents a great extra benefit for anybody choosing Piazzetta quality. With the extended guarantee you have less worries, sure that you are in good hands.

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