Now Reading: Piazzetta wood-burning stoves: an expression of classic style and well-being in an old Italian villa

Piazzetta wood-burning stoves: an expression of classic style and well-being in an old Italian villa

Piazzetta wood-burning stoves: an expression of classic style and well-being in an old Italian villa

Stoves and fireplaces come to life in our company, with sophisticated technological components and meticulous artistic details, to become highly efficient and aesthetically classy. An aesthetics that finds its maximum expression in the various installations, when our products enter people’s homes and become a stylish addition to their decors, creating beauty and well-being in the homes of those who choose Piazzetta.

Always eager to discover how our products find their home throughout Italy, our new trip took us to Grandate, near Lake Como, iconic for its inverted Y shape, which became famous because Alessandro Manzoni chose it as the setting for I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed), a destination and residence of famous people.

Villa “il Roccolo”. An elegant dwelling for our stoves

Grandate is a small town a few kilometers away from the lake, and the residence that welcomes us is a splendid villa built in XVII century, called “il Roccolo”, because of the hornbeams in a semicircle that were used to pull the nets during the hunting season. In fact, the roccolo is a typical hunting post in the region around the Alps and the Padan plain that spread in the 18th century, used by bird hunters to catch migratory birds.

A villa that enchants at first sight. Just past the entrance gate, we find ourselves immersed in the magnificent park of over 19,000 square meters, an immersion in nature reminiscent of dwellings of the past.

The main villa covers an area of 460 square meters and is arranged on three floors: the representative rooms on the ground floor, the sleeping area on the upper floor, and finally the attic with an elegant open space studio.

Recently built, we also find a SPA and a large outbuilding that complete this absolutely elegant residence.

The magic of a dinner with the warmth of a wood stove

Piazzetta E929 C is a wood-burning stove that stands out for its fine hand-crafted and hand-decorated Majolica cladding and curved glass flush with the door, which elevate its aesthetic quality and allow appreciating the spectacle of the fire with greater pleasure. The vertical decorations at the stove base and top recall the majesty of Greek columns, giving the stove its characteristic classical style. Other refined aesthetic details are the feet covered in Majolica and the Blu Verdemare decorations that stand out against the Bianco Antico shade of the E929 C.

This is the wood-burning stove chosen by the owners of the villa for their dining room. An E929 C that they chose in the version with Multifuoco® System, Piazzetta’s exclusive ventilation system that allows enjoying heat from below, giving a constant temperature throughout the room for a unique well-being.

In pursuit of maximum well-being, the E929 C installed also features the BCS (Burn Control System) function. What is its advantage? The owners can set the temperature they wish to experience in their dining room, and thanks to the BCS, the stove automatically adjusts the intensity of the flame to ensure that that temperature is kept constant. A setting that also allows the stove efficiency to be elevated ensuring an exceptionally long burn time before each new wood charge.

Two French doors fill the room with natural light, making the room very bright during the day. The floor consists of a mosaic of ceramic tiles that form a precious floral pattern with shades of greenish blue and yellow. The furniture mirrors the floor: the chairs reflect the same colors, and the Blu Verdemare decoration of the E929 C matches the tile patterns. The room décor is complemented with a pendant chandelier with Burano glass spheres in various colors.

The dining room of the villa “il Roccolo” is a demonstration of the “less is more” with which the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe expressed his idea of focusing on the essential to give value to what is created. And in this context, the Piazzetta E929 C stove gains prominence to give new warmth and atmosphere to the room.

A second stove to experience the atmosphere of fire everywhere

To furnish a villa dating back to the 1600s, one could only choose to follow a continuity with traditional styles, and that is why, after E929 C, the second stove installed in Grandate is a Brunico.

Brunico is part of the collection of stove-fireplaces known as Stubotti, a design invention dating back to the 1990s to combine the old-fashioned charm of stubes, the flame in full view of fireplaces, and the modern use of stoves. Available in both pellet and wood-burning versions, we find the wood-burning model in the villa we are visiting.

Also for Brunico, the owners chose a decoration that combines Majolica in Bianco Antico and decorations in Blu Verdemare, for an aesthetic result of elegance and lightness. And as with E929 C, the owners could not give up the well-being of Multifuoco® to experience the feeling of being enveloped in warmth and comfort in this room as well.

Square shapes meet the precious dome: a treasure chest guarding the beauty of the flame that glows and warms as the first cold weather arrives. A quality flame that can be admired also thanks to the reflections created by Aluker®, Piazzetta’s exclusive ceramic material with which the firebox is coated. Aluker® offers the dual benefit of improving combustion and heat diffusion, increasing the firebox operating efficiency, and highlighting the view of the flame thanks to its light color and the pyrolysis process that keeps its surface clean.

Piazzetta: a variety of styles where you can rediscover the pleasure of classical stylishness

Piazzetta range includes wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves (with hydro solutions), hybrid stoves, and pellet and wood-burning fireplaces. We offer a wide choice of stoves to meet different heating needs and aesthetic tastes, ranging from more contemporary shapes to more classic proposals.

This way, we guarantee that you will have the perfect product for your heating and design needs, regardless of whether you are buying a stove for a new decor or to complement an already furnished home.

For lovers of classical style, Majolica stoves are definitely the preferred choice, as the metal alternative has a much more modern character. Our handcrafted Majolica is shaped, engraved and decorated by hand: a type of work rich in artistic feeling. The pleasure of having a handmade product hearkens back to the dawn of the last century and can be rediscovered with our stoves.

It is not only the Majolica that gives a classical look to a stove, but also its shape, which you can appreciate in the hand-worked bas-reliefs.

The most modern heating technology is enclosed in an elegant classical dress with the aim of experiencing the flame at its best, the true and undisputed protagonist of each of our products.

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