Now Reading: Discover the Elegance and Versatility of Wood-burning Fireplaces: A Guide to Exclusive Models from Piazzetta

Discover the Elegance and Versatility of Wood-burning Fireplaces: A Guide to Exclusive Models from Piazzetta

Discover the Elegance and Versatility of Wood-burning Fireplaces: A Guide to Exclusive Models from Piazzetta

Every year the arrival of cold weather divides people between those who love low temperatures and those who prefer the warm seasons. Certainly, among winter lovers we find those who can enjoy a warm and cozy fireplace at home. A heating and design element that makes your living area a haven of well-being with its warmth and the atmosphere of fire.

If you have a passion for the flame and wish to experience these sensations, you have already begun the search for the perfect fireplace for you, encountering a truly vast offer. With this article we introduce you to the models proposed by Piazzetta with its range that combines tradition and innovation to offer heating solutions that meet every style and need.

Classic Fireplaces: the atmosphere of tradition

Classic fireplaces are the soul of many homes, and Piazzetta offers a selection of models with glass panels in various sizes, from 65 to 120 cm wide and 44 to 64 cm high so you can choose more square or rectangular designs to suit your tastes and available space. The greater width of the glass panel provides the best stage for the spectacle of the flame, but each fireplace allows the fire to become the aesthetic centerpiece of the living room.

Convenience also plays an important role in choosing a fireplace, and the glass opening can be an essential variable in relation to the space where you would like to install the product. You can find versions with hinged door, tilting door or rise n’fall door: three options to make sure you get the best product for you, add a touch of sophistication to your home by combining comfort with the timeless beauty of the flame.

Corner Fireplaces: maximize space with style

For those looking for a touch of originality, corner fireplaces are a great solution. Piazzetta presents four models of corner fireplaces, available in left or right corner versions:

These models blend harmoniously into the corners of your home, maximizing space and creating a unique atmosphere. Placed in a corner, the fireplace can become a visual focal point: it attracts the eye and becomes the heart of the room with its cozy, warming flame.

A corner fireplace offers an open perspective, allowing a wider view of the flame and fireplace structure from different angles.

Finally, the installation of this type of fireplace can be designed from the initial design of the house to harmonize with the lines and overall architecture of the room.

Double-sided and Three-sided Fireplaces: open to a world of beauty

Immerse yourself in a unique visual experience with Piazzetta’s double-sided and three-sided fireplaces. These models are designed to offer a 180-degree and a 270-degree view of the fire, creating an enveloping atmosphere that extends far beyond its heating function.

For both categories, there are two models that differ in the size of the room they can heat.

Double-sided fireplaces:

Three-sided fireplaces:

These fireplaces are often associated with modern and innovative design. Their open structure and clean lines blend well with contemporary furnishing styles, adding a touch of elegance and modernity to living spaces.

Both models can be placed in a central location, such as between the living room and dining room, creating a welcoming ambience that can be enjoyed from multiple parts of the house. This helps to create a feeling of sharing and conviviality.

The ability to view the flames from different angles provides many opportunities to customize the surrounding décor. Interiors can be creatively designed to make the most of the double-sided or three-sided fireplace as the central element of decoration.

Panoramic fireplaces: the best fire experience

The most prestigious products in the entire product range are the fireplaces in the Panoramic line.

Fireplaces that offer a 360-degree view of the fire, circular or square in shape, giving magic to the ambience. Fire becomes the absolute protagonist of the house, capturing the attention of every guest.

These fireplaces are custom-made for your room, with the option of customizing the color of the hood and surround to make them truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

The cold weather is here, but anyone who has a fireplace in their home can’t help but be happy about it.

Whether you’re looking for a classic fireplace that fits in perfectly with your decor or want to experiment with more audacious, innovative models, Piazzetta has what you need.
Combining craftsmanship with modern heating technology, these fireplaces bring warmth to your home while adding a touch of unparalleled elegance and style.

What’s more, we can help you design the room in which you wish to place your fireplaces: it will be a pleasure to transform your space into a corner of well-being and beauty where our fireplaces can heat and excite you.

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