Now Reading: Premium Line pellet stoves: playing the lead role in your living room

Premium Line pellet stoves: playing the lead role in your living room

Premium Line pellet stoves: playing the lead role in your living room

T his year we wanted to put ourselves to the test, or rather, put our Premium range pellet stoves to the test, and we did so by subjecting the P920 and P930 models to an entirely new experience: starring as the lead role in a video.

Will they star as the lead role in your home too?

Premium Line pellet stoves

The new P920 and P930 pellet stoves have enriched the already wide range of heating solutions offered by Piazzetta. These latest models with new functions and added extras have been designed to satisfy a variety of user needs and stylistic solutions.

We put ourselves in the shoes of those looking to buy a stove with excellent technical features, able to satisfy the highest quality and environmental standards, a product with an elegant design that perfectly adapts to the style of their home, a stove which is both technological and easy to use.

If you too have asked yourself “which pellet stove should I choose?” or “which pellet stove do you recommend?”, then we suggest you keep reading to discover all the advantages and let yourself be won over by Premium Line stoves.

pellet stove Premium Line by PiazzettaWhich characteristics of the new Premium stoves do we like best?

The P920 and P930 stoves in the Premium line will definitely win you over for their exclusive and captivating style combined with the latest technology, guaranteeing ease of use and control.

Among the many features making these stoves a product worth considering if you’re looking for a new pellet stove, there’s the Multifuoco® System forced ventilation system. This technology is exclusive to Piazzetta and is the only patented system allowing even heat diffusion throughout the entire room from bottom to top, without any waste and with maximum comfort.

Want to know more about the Multifuoco® System? Watch this video.

Another characteristic sure to make you fall in love with Premium stoves is the precious Majolica cladding, produced in-house. The Majolica used to clad the walls of Piazzetta stoves encloses the flame with original forms, colours and decorative styles that characterise the room, becoming a genuine design feature.

We have sought to capture these unique characteristics, original details and exclusive features, and finally, after months of hard work and filming, we are very proud to present the new Premium Line stoves in this new and exclusive video. Watch it now.

 As with all products by the Piazzetta Group, when you purchase a new pellet stove in the Premium line, you can join the Easy Life program allowing you to extend our product warranty for up to 5 years, free of charge. To access Easy Life, simply register within 30 days of making your purchase at Easy Life.

Premium Line pellet stoves: a perfect mix of style, comfort and technology

As we have been able to see in this video, the new Piazzetta pellet stoves in the Premium line are characterised by their focus on style, but also their numerous functions.

Choosing a P920 or P930 pellet stove means choosing comfort, performance and practicality. You can relax by the fire, enjoying the warmth of pleasant, even heat, with the possibility to manage and program the numerous functions via remote control or app, in a truly simple way.

Would you like to install a Premium Line stove and receive a personalised consultation to find the ideal solution for your home?

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