Now Reading: Home heating with style? Yes you can, with designer pellet stoves

Home heating with style? Yes you can, with designer pellet stoves

Home heating with style? Yes you can, with designer pellet stoves

Once you’ve made the necessary calculations with a trusted professional, you’ve worked out that a pellet stove is the ideal solution for heating your home. It can be programmed, it will save you money and it’s easy to clean. Nevertheless, you love the details and look of your home and don’t want to sacrifice beauty in the name of functionality. Is it possible to enjoy the advantages of a pellet stove without compromising on style?

Yes, absolutely.

Continue reading and you’ll discover how a pellet stove, in addition to heating you home, can also be a real designer item. A stove that is so beautiful that it commands your attention, and that of your guests, even when it’s not lit.

Designer pellet stoves: materials and details that make the difference

Pellet stoves have evolved and developed, taking on original shapes and dimensions. From tools made of metal or earth, shaped as columns or square chambers (Tommaseo-Bellini dictionary 1865-1879) the best pellet stoves today have become designer items of comfort and technology. Installing a stove is no longer a choice dictated simply by the need to provide heat, but above all to enhance the beauty of the home, for spiritual as well as physical well-being.

Shapes, colours and materials that blend into and characterise your home, for a truly personal result that reflects your idea of home. Do you have a lounge with a rustic wall that you want to contrast with a modern pellet stove with minimalist and contemporary lines? Or do you prefer softer, more cylindrical shapes to make your kitchen more welcoming? Are you looking for a small and compact pellet stove for a small room? In terms of design, the range of pellet stoves available on the market is extremely broad.

Tall and slender or low and compact wall-mounted pellet stoves, with linear designs, small pellet stoves for small rooms, slim pellet stoves with profiles that can be installed flush with the wall for entranceways and corridors. In terms of shapes and dimensions, there is a huge amount of choice. Remember, however, that footprint and heating capacity should be assessed carefully in order for your pellet stove to be functional.

Piazzetta: stufa a pellet slim bianca modello P936 installabile a filo muro, occupa solo 28cm, ideale per corridoi

Model P936 – White pellet stove with a profile of only 28 cm, can be installed flush with the wall, ideal for corridors

Stoves that decorate: what is the best material for a pellet stove?

There are many materials used to make pellet stoves available on the marketplace, from steel to cast iron, from ceramics to Majolica. Material makes a difference in terms of heat conduction, aesthetics and price, and should be chosen carefully. Pellet stoves made from majolica for modern settings, but the most important thing to consider is quality.

Whether you want to heat a small area or an entire home, consider the different properties to find the best solution for you, for now and the future.

Materials for pellet stoves for consideration:

  • steel: economical and easy to manage; modern techniques for processing steel allow for a highly aesthetic finish
  • cast iron: cast iron stores a lot of heat and is cheap; it is very heavy but certainly has its charm
  • potstone: potstone has great heat storage and heat diffusion properties. In addition, it is cheap to manage and looks great
  • Majolica: Majolica allows for highly refined processing and transmits heat in a constant and uniform manner throughout the space. Majolica requires special craftsmanship to process and warrants further information: as you can see in the images below, the geometric decorations and hand-made detailing enhance the design of your pellet stove, making it unique


Detail of hand engraving work on the Majolica cladding of Piazzetta pellet stoves

Stufa a pellet classica in maiolica, Modello Ortisei di Piazzetta

Classic pellet stove in Majolica: detail of Ortisei model

If you are fan of beautiful and exclusive things, the hand-crafted nature of Majolica can make all the difference because it allows for the creation of unique pieces and maximum creativity in terms of colour.

The importance of details in a pellet stove

Do you have a shape and colour in mind and are convinced about the material? Lets take a detailed look at some of the other aesthetic considerations that may interest you when you decide to purchase a pellet stove.

Glass, for example. The size of the glass panel plays a fundamental role in the overall look of a pellet stove. Frameless glass for example, offers the best view of the flame as well as an exclusive design, or flush curved glass, which follows the sinuous lines of the cylindrical cross-section door.

As you are reading this you’re probably asking yourself how to keep the glass on your pellet stove clean. Piazzetta stoves are equipped with the Air Glass System, a ceramic glass that can withstand temperatures of up to 750°C, which is constantly brushed by a flow of air that helps keep the surface clean. That’s quite convenient, don’t you think?

Stufa a pellet con rivestimento in Maiolica, disponibile in diversi colori. Questo modello di stufa ha la bocchetta frontale orientabile. Piazzetta Modello P943

Piazzetta round pellet stove with Majolica cladding, the door has a cylindrical cross-section with flush curved glass, Model P943 in various different colours.

We are used to seeing pellet stoves secured firmly to the floor, but why not opt for a pellet stove with raised steel legs? Ideal for contemporary interiors and for those who can’t stand it when dust gets into cracks.

Stufa a pellet salvaspazio: dal profilo compatto con rivestimento in maiolica color giallo acceso. Disponibile nei colori bianco, grigio, rosso, sahara, terra cotta.

A compact pellet stove with Majolica cladding in bright yellow with raised feet, can be installed flush with the wall. Piazzetta Model Line

When choosing a pellet stove, another determining factor might be the presence of a rolling top, a sliding top with no visible metal parts that makes it easier to load and top-up pellets as well as enhancing the look of the stove.

Nelle stufe a pellet Piazzetta il caricamento del pellet è faciliato, grazie alla porta di chiusura a scorrimento del serbatoio integrata nel rivestimento in maiolica, scorre facilmente.

Pellet loading is made easier by Piazzetta stoves, thanks to the rolling top made from Majolica that covers the reservoir.

How much does design count in a pellet stove?

We’ve seen how efficiently heating your home with a pellet stove, without compromising on style, is not only possible but also very gratifying.

Large or small homes, modern or rustic: all spaces and styles can be improved with a dedicated stove, you only need to choose the one that best suits your needs. If you already have a clear idea about shape, colour, decoration and finish, then you’re already there. If you’re still a bit confused, let yourself be inspired by the vast range of Piazzetta pellet stoves.

Remember that you should also consider the performance and functions of your pellet stove to best meet your needs.

Yes, we know: too many variables can be disorienting.

Don’t worry, there is a simple solution: visit one of our resellers, there is definitely one near you. At the Showroom, in addition to recommendations from our highly specialised staff, you can also feel the quality of Piazzetta products with your own hands and appreciate the materials that can turn an ordinary pellet stove into a designer item.

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