Now Reading: Advantages of stoves with heat storage: Piazzetta systems for wood-burning models

Advantages of stoves with heat storage: Piazzetta systems for wood-burning models

Advantages of stoves with heat storage: Piazzetta systems for wood-burning models

Technology, well-being and advantages come together when we talk about wood stoves with heat storage systems.
This system is one of the distinctive features of Piazzetta stoves and among the most researched by those who are considering buying a new product for next winter.
Perfect, especially for very large rooms without partitions and other dividing elements, let’s learn more about this category of stoves and about why it is an advantageous choice for you.

How do heat storage systems work?

Stoves with heat storage systems are heat generators that include an additional kit which can increase the capacity to store the heat produced by combustion and release it slowly by radiation.

Piazzetta storage systems consist of fume circuits made of Magneker, a high storage capacity refractory material, completely manufactured in-house. The high density of this material, which is higher than that of soapstone used in other storage systems, allows a slower and more gradual release of heat.

Magneker acts as a heat “battery”: it charges when the stove is burning, storing heat, and discharges when the stove is off, releasing it into the environment. All this with extended times to ensure the benefits of long-lasting heating.

The stove cladding also plays an important role in heat releasing, and is an important feature to consider when looking for the best heat storage wood-burning stove.

Piazzetta stoves with heat storage systems all have Majolica cladding, a special ceramic with a high capacity for heat storage and release. This property is further enhanced when combined with heat storage systems. In addition, Piazzetta claddings are uniquely large pieces and allow even slower and optimal heat diffusion, which gives greater heating benefits to people.

A storage of… benefits

All stoves heat by both convection and radiation and, in some cases, also by forced ventilation as with the Multifuoco® System.

Among the various heating types, heat transmission by radiation ensures that heat is spread the higher the temperature of the radiant surface.

It is clear, therefore, that one of the main advantages of a stove with a storage system is that it provides greater heat due to its characteristic of ensuring prolonged maintenance of the radiant surface temperature.

Below, we list all the benefits of a stove with a heat storage system:

  • Heating even when the fire is out
  • Maintaining a constant temperature in the home throughout the working day by loading the stove before going to work and finding it warm when you return
  • Keeping the house warm at all times with far fewer wood loads compared to a traditional stove
  • Having evenly distributed heating
  • Having a distributed and not concentrated heat close to the stove
  • Maintaining an optimal humidity level beneficial to health
  • Having a lower stove surface temperature: the inner stones absorb more heat, so the outer cladding does not reach too high temperatures, making it safe for children and pets

In addition, fewer wood loads result in other important benefits:

  • Lower PM10 emissions, more environmental sustainability
  • Less ash accumulation, less cleaning required

Heat Storage System, MultiHeat Release System and Heat Extender System. Discovering Piazzetta storage systems

In the range of Piazzetta stoves, you can choose between three different types of storage systems.

The first system developed is the Heat Storage System, available on 20 models of wood-burning stoves and on 4 models of hybrid stoves. This system consists of a series of Magneker plates positioned in a ring around the flue outlet duct, the heat from which heats the Magneker plates, which store the heat and then release it to the Majolica cladding. Subsequently, the heat will slowly propagate through the cladding over time.

Among the four hybrid stove models which offer the Heat Storage System as an optional, two can also include another storage system. We are talking about the E228 H and E228 K models and the MultiHeat Release System.
This system takes advantage of the impressive size of the large Majolica panels on top of the bench. The internal fume circuit, also made of Magneker, creates a forced path through which the hot air flows, a coil that ends in the Multifuoco® vent at the base of the stove. On the airflow path, the fume circuit accumulates all its heat and begins to slowly transfer it to the Majolica, which will radiate it for many hours even after combustion is complete.

Finally, our 10 new models of wood-burning stoves with Majolica cladding include an entirely new storage system in the heating world, and it is the Heat Extender System. The special feature of this system lies in the positioning of the Magniker plates on the stove sides, directly absorbing the heat generated by combustion in the firebox. Subsequent release into the room always occurs from the transmission of heat from Magneker to the Majolica.

Double benefits with Majolica radiant heat

The heat emitted by Majolica cladding is called radiant heat. A pleasant heat that spreads with or without storage systems, more effectively with the presence of the latter.

Why is radiant heat so pleasant? The reason lies in the infrared rays that are propagated, which are absolutely harmless to our bodies and indeed, in many respects even beneficial. It is a heat quite similar to that emitted by the sun, which, on the other hand, emits both infrared and ultraviolet rays. Infrared rays are able to penetrate the surface layer of the skin and give the warmth and pleasure that we really appreciate when we are exposed to the sun (particularly on spring days).

Infrared rays are also used in medicine for rehabilitation therapies, bringing many benefits to people. The benefits that these rays can bring to our bodies are the same as when we are exposed to radiant heat from stoves.

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