Now Reading: Wood-burning stove or pellet-burning stove? Choose a hybrid stove

Wood-burning stove or pellet-burning stove? Choose a hybrid stove

Wood-burning stove or pellet-burning stove? Choose a hybrid stove

The time comes when you need to buy a stove but you cannot make your mind up between wood or pellets. This is a dilemma facing lots of people, probably everyone. Who wouldn’t like the chance of remotely setting the switch on and switch off times of their pellet stove and finding the place nice and warm on their return home? And who would say no to the pleasant view of a wood fire and the gentle crackling as the wood burns? A decidedly difficult decision, but one you no longer need to make. With a hybrid stove, you can heat the house or the office with wood and pellets, with no interruption to heat production. The only choice you need to make is when to move from one type of fuel to the other.

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Wood and pellet hybrid stove: what are the advantages?

Home heating with Infinity Plus Line: an innovative wood and pellet heating system

How to choose the best stove to suit your needs?

Wood and pellet hybrid stove: what are the advantages?

Hybrid appliances are a real revolution in heating, because they combine the charm of a wood-burning fire with the convenience of pellets. In addition, purchasing a combined stove means making significant savings, because you can always take advantage of the most economical fuels on the market, and exploit seasonal price changes, as appropriate. Another important advantage lies in the fact that when a dual-fuelled appliance is burning wood, it can also operate without electricity, thus ensuring the utmost comfort and warmth even when there is a black out. The benefits of an appliance like this don’t stop here, especially if we are talking about the hybrid stoves of the Infinity Plus Line.

Hybrid Stove

Home heating with Infinity Plus Line: an innovative wood and pellet heating system

Infinity Plus Line is the new range of dual-functional stoves designed and developed by Piazzetta. These appliances feature a series of patented technologies and systems that make them true heating systems. According to your needs and preferences, an Infinity stove allows you to benefit from both types of heating. Let’s see how.

How does a hybrid stove work?

Switch on and switch off times, operation, heating modes, construction details; here’s how a hybrid stove works in detail:

  • Programmable switch on and switch off times

One of the indisputable advantages of the use of a hybrid appliance is that you can set the switch on and switch off times using the remote control or the My Piazzetta App, remotely via WiFi or also via Bluetooth conveniently from home. You can therefore switch on the stove in pellet mode while you are at work and find a welcoming warmth on your return home.

  • Continuous operation

Once you are home with the place nice and warm, you can then relax in the company of the crackling wood as it burns. To do so, you only need to load some logs and the stove will automatically recognise the change of fuel, with no interruption to operation. Then, when the wood has been consumed, the stove automatically moves to pellet mode ensuring seamless heat production. The whole operation is controlled electronically using the ICS Infinity Control System. The operating parameters are therefore monitored and managed via the remote control.

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Hybrid Stove, mod. E228 D

Hybrid Stove, mod. E228 D

  • Different heating modes

By combining the benefits of wood and pellets, an Infinity appliance allows you to heat in three different ways:

  • By forced ventilation: thanks to the Multifuoco® System, the heat spreads from the floor to the ceiling uniformly, even in areas that are relatively far from the point of installation. Multifuoco® also allows you to channel the warm air and distribute it in other rooms, even on different floors, thus becoming a real heating system.
  • By natural convection: it is the most traditional heating system which exploits natural air movement to heat the room, obviously with absolutely noise-free operation.
  • With the Heat Storage System: thanks to the special material included in the stove body with high heat storage properties, the HSS system allows heat to be captured and then gradually released into the room for up to 10 hours after the fire has died down.
  • Technology and construction

The special design of the pellet brazier improves combustion and the quality of the flame, thus substantially reducing ash residues; this allows the interval between cleaning cycles to be extended to up to 15 days. Furthermore, the special design of the firebox, which does not involve any moving mechanical parts, entails a considerable reduction in the possibility of worn parts and malfunctions. The ample dimensions of the firebox and the raised position of the pellet brazier were also designed to facilitate the practical loading of logs and to provide the best possible view of the flame with both types of fuel.

Another new important feature of the Infinity Plus Line is the absence of the fume extractor. The flue draught is therefore totally natural ensuring noise-free operation, enabling you to enjoy the crackling sound of wood and the pellet fire in total relaxation.

Hybrid Stove, mod. E228 C

Hybrid Stove, mod. E228C

How to choose the best stove to suit your needs?

The range of hybrid stoves by Piazzetta includes a number of models designed to meet various requirements, including the size of the room to be heated, the available installation space as well as all aspects regarding design, which are cared for down to the last detail so as to remain elegant and in step with various furnishing styles. According to requirements, you can, for example, choose to have the flue outlet positioned at the rear or on the top or flush with the wall in order to make the most of the available space. There are a number of aspects to be taken into consideration so it is absolutely essential to talk to a Piazzetta dealer who can suggest the best solution.

Compared to a traditional stove, a dual-functional stove has a series of significant advantages. It becomes the perfect choice for those who love the atmosphere that only a wood fire can create but do not want to forego the convenience of using pellets that make one’s daily life easier; it is the right appliance for low-cost heating, by using pellets or wood according to seasonal market prices; lastly, it is the perfect solution for those after a real heating system for the whole house that beats all traditional systems.

Are you ready to move to a hybrid heating system?

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