Now Reading: The wood-burning stove with oven: the pleasure of cooking as you heat the home

The wood-burning stove with oven: the pleasure of cooking as you heat the home

The wood-burning stove with oven: the pleasure of cooking as you heat the home

Does cooking and heating the home at the same time seem impossible to you? You’ve never used a wood-burning stove with oven.

You’ll discover that it is possible to optimise your time, which there is never enough of, and save money on you home heating system.

There is a simple and effective solution that allows you to:

  1. heat your home intelligently
  2. cook in a pleasant and efficient way
  3. enhance your home with a refined and elegant appliance

Continue reading and you’ll discover how a wood-burning stove equipped with an oven can offer great benefits for you and your family, revolutionising the way you cook and heat.

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Stufa a legna con forno - Ricetta per cucinare il pane

What is a wood-burning stove with oven?

The smell of fresh bread, a delicious pizza to share with friends, an exquisite cake for breakfast or afternoon tea… these are all dishes you can normally prepare with an oven. And what if that oven could also heat your home? That would be quite a saving.

This is made possible by three elements combined into a single solution:

A wood-burning stove with oven is also aesthetically pleasing: it will become the focal point of the room it is installed in, adapting to the home and furnishings thanks to its combination of materials (Majolica, steel..) and colours, which you can choose in complete autonomy according to your taste and style. A sense of well-being. Do you want to heat your home, cook healthily and save money with a single appliance?

Heating your home and cooking healthily can be done

Stufa a legna Piazzetta mod. E900M color rosso

Wood-burning stove with oven in red Majolica

Useful tips for cooking with a wood-burning stove

Cooking with the oven on a wood-burning stove requires a few simple considerations that will allow you to cook and, above all, taste excellent dishes.

To help you prepare your favourite recipes, you’ll find:

  • a thermometer, which tells you the right moment to put the food in
  • a large door in ceramic glass, which allows you to keep an eye on the cooking process

Do you know how to use a wood-burning stove with oven? For dishes to turn out well, remember to:

  • bring the stove up to temperature starting with small pieces of wood. Later you can insert larger logs, but these should never exceed the recommended nominal load
  • put the food in as soon as the temperature has stabilised, that is the best moment. If you put the food in the moment the desired temperature is reached, very probably, the temperature will continue to rise and you’ll risk ruining your food
  • don’t exceed 250°C, this temperature is more than sufficient for all types of cooking. If you go over this temperature, you risk ruining the food and the stove
  • maintain a constant temperature once the food has been introduced by calibrating how much wood you put in and regulating the air registers
  • consider the consistency of the food when calculating the required heat and cooking time; for example, a chicken requires a long cooking time (up to 3 hours) at a low heat (150-180°C) whilst a pizza is usually cooked very quickly at higher temperatures (220-230°C)

Ecco alcune ricette che si posso realizzare facilmente con una stufa a legna con forno
  • assess the type of wood you use in the stove. This also affects the cooking. Hard woods (e.g. beech) and large logs burn more slowly and steadily, whilst small logs and softer woods create a more intense flame that won’t last as long.
  • close the door when you remove the food to check if its cooked: this will prevent the oven temperature from lowering
  • check if the chimney flue is creating excessive draught or if the wood is burning too quickly: if this is the case, adjust the amount of wood in the stove and adjust the air registers.

Of course, a wood-burning stove with oven requires a different kind of maintenance than an electric or gas oven: it isn’t so much the oven itself but rather the smoke evacuation system that requires regular maintenance and cleaning.

For this reason we recommend that you contact an authorised technical assistance centre, who will be able to answer all your questions, find your nearest one.

Ricetta per una pizza cotta nella stufa a legna

Cooking with a wood-burning stove: what are the advantages?

Cooking with a wood-burning stove with an oven has various different advantages, here are the main ones:

  • reduced energy consumption. With just one stove and a single fuel (wood) you can heat your home and cook, saving money on gas and electricity
  • refined materials, the colours and design of your stove give character to the entire room, adapting perfectly to the style of your home
  • comfort in the entire home: Piazzetta appliances equipped with the Multifuoco® System offer an efficient air ducting system that allows you to distribute air uniformly through all the rooms in your home
  • uses a sustainable fuel that is renewable, clean, economical and high-efficiency: wood

In addition, preparing delicious recipes in the oven of a wood-burning stove means cooking in a way that is:

  • natural, because you are using wood as a fuel, with all its benefits
  • healthy, because the upper part of the oven is fitted with a valve that eliminates humidity and any steam created during the cooking process, expelling it into the chimney flue
  • homogeneous, because the wood-burning stove is equipped with a thermometer that allows you to control the temperature. If you want to increase the heat, just add more wood

Bread, pizza, deserts, roasts, potatoes…there are lots of recipes, both traditional and modern, that you can try with a wood-burning stove: the only limit is your imagination.

Stufa a legna con forno Piazzetta modello E911

Piazzetta wood-burning stove with oven, model E911, with Majolica cladding in Sand Beige

A wood-burning stove for cooking at heating

There are many reasons why choosing a wood-burning stove with an oven is a smart choice.

In addition to saving money, your wood-burning stove with oven works both as a domestic heating system as well as an oven for cooking, thus optimising wood consumption. In addition, thanks to the different types of colour cladding, a wood-burning stove can enhance the style of your home and insert itself into any context.

By following just few simple rules, the oven on your wood-burning stove will become your best friend in the kitchen.

Do you want to find out more about the advantages of a wood-burning stove with oven?

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