Now Reading: New stoves for 2023. Introducing Piazzetta’s first 6 products for next season

New stoves for 2023. Introducing Piazzetta’s first 6 products for next season

New stoves for 2023. Introducing Piazzetta’s first 6 products for next season

With each new season, something always ends and something else begins, and Spring is no exception. As stoves are being turned off, new products are starting to bloom in the Piazzetta workshops.
There are currently 6 new models available, which is great news for anyone in the market for a new appliance, interested in getting their hands on the latest technology.
These are only the first 6 for 2023, but we have already covered the entire range, allowing anyone interested the chance to find the solution most suited to their needs. Here are our 6 newest models.

  • Hybrid Stove E228 Steel
  • Wood Stove E228 R
  • Wood Stove E928 Steel
  • Pellet Stove P136 Hermetic
  • Pellet Stove P945 C

Let’s look at them one by one.

Pellet-wood hybrid stove E228 Steel
The magic of hybrid in the refined Prime Design steel cladding

A brand-new addition to Piazzetta’s Infinity Plus Line, this model stands out from the rest with its elegant Steel Prime Design cladding, with no detail left to chance. The hybrid stoves are typically characterised by Majolica cladding, but this model is designed to offer a different choice of cladding to customers looking for a hybrid stove. The steel panels offer remarkable sturdiness and a perfect finish thanks to the skilled craftsmanship that went into making them: a combination of technology and design, a hallmark of all Piazzetta products.

A minimalist design makes the E228 Steel the ideal furnishing accessory, while its hybrid technology combines the traditional beauty of a wood-burning flame with the practicality of pellet programming.
The E228 Steel, just like all Piazzetta hybrid stoves, is a top contender in its class thanks to its practical features, high performance and ease of use.

Curious as to the unique features of Piazzetta Infinity stoves, such as the E228 Steel?

  • Patented innovations supplied standard, like the Dual Door Defender for absolute safety and the firebox in Aluker® for perfect combustion
  • Patented innovations available as optionals, like the Multifuoco® System to make the most of the heat
  • Automatic transition from one fuel to another without the need for user interaction
  • All the essentials and more supplied standard, including Wi-Fi, remote control, wireless temperature probe, Multicomfort function and more
  • No exhaust fan for a quieter experience
  • Flexible installation thanks to the possibility for top and rear venting
  • Certified airtightness of the one-piece firebox on all models

Come and discover the E228 Steel and learn more about the world of hybrid stoves from our local dealer.

Wood-burning stove E928 R
Radiant Majolica and precious decorations to combine comfort and stylishness

Over the last year, interest in wood-burning stoves has grown and Piazzetta now offers two models in this category. The first is E928 R, featuring large Majolica panels with precious bas-relief decorations giving a classic feel to this model.

Thanks to the technological innovations developed by Piazzetta, the E928 R achieves extremely high efficiency, reflected in its lower emissions and higher environmental sustainability.

The 11 kW firebox in Aluker® that heats up to 315 m3, the large glass front offering a spectacular view of the flame, the burn-proof handle for safe opening at all times, the possibility for ducting thanks to the exclusive Multifuoco System®, which offers bottom-up heat and a consistent temperature throughout the room. All this is E928 R.

Available in the colours Bianco, Canapa, Nero Opaco, Verde Mirto, Bianco Grigio and Rosso Lava, the E928 R fits seamlessly into any space, either as a subtle or eye-catching feature depending on what you have in mind for this model of ultimate prestige.

Come and discover the E928 R and learn more about the world of wood-burning stoves from our local dealer.

Wood-burning stove E928 Steel. Aesthetic minimalism and wide screen to enjoy the spectacle of the burning wood

The E928 Steel, our second new wood-burning model, features a contemporary design with cladding and top in Steel Prime Design, our finest steel.

The understated style is intended to highlight the view of the flame, particularly through the black front and large glass. The inside of the firebox is of course in Aluker®, our exclusive patented ceramic material that improves combustion and enhances the brightness of the flame, thanks to its light colour. An 11 kW firebox allows the possibility to heat up to 315 m3.

As with the E928 R stove, the Steel model offers the possibility to install our exclusive Multifuoco System® and the longest ducting on the market (16 metres) to heat other rooms in the home, regardless of where the stove is located.

And while the front still comes in black steel, the sides are available in the colours Bianco, Corten and Nero.

Come and discover the E928 Steel and learn more about the world of wood-burning stoves from our local dealer.

Pellet Stove P136 Hermetic. Slim design, Multifuoco as standard and airtight firebox

The P136 is a pellet stove unique to the world. Why? Because the compact design, the possibility for flush-with-wall installation and the airtight firebox mean it can be installed in the smallest rooms and passive homes, allowing even those without a large open space to enjoy a stylish stove.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The automatic Multifuoco System® is supplied standard, giving the user the option to duct the warm air into other rooms. The stove is supplied standard with rear venting and can be adapted to suit individual needs.

Clad in steel and embellished by a Majolica top, the airtight P136 Ermetica stands out for its elegance and class.

Come and discover the P136 Hermetic and learn more about the world of pellet stoves from our local dealer.

Pellet Stove P945 C. A new classic nature animates pellet

An exclusive design, the product of a modern interpretation of traditional forms and intricate workmanship of the Majolica cladding. The P945 C is a high-end pellet stove that stands on a pair of precious, handcrafted Majolica feet that add harmony and stability.

Available in the colours Bianco, Bianco Grigio, Canapa, Nero Opaco, Rosso Lava and Verde Mirto, the new model fits into any space thanks to its compact shape. The dual rear and top venting option allows different types of installation, including flush-with-wall.

The cutting-edge technology ensures the highest performance. The P945 C is supplied standard with the Multifuoco System®, our patented ventilation technology ensuring uniform temperature thanks to the bottom-up distribution of the warm air. Yet another advantage is the Natural Mode function, allowing ventilation to be stopped in favour of natural convection heating.

Wi-Fi to manage programming by remote, the Multicomfort and Multicomfort Plus functions to independently manage the temperature in different rooms in the case of ducting (optional), and the Pellet Quality System function that optimises pellet combustion and guarantees efficiency and performance, are all supplied standard. The offering also includes the dehumidifier and ash extractor, to ensure the best user experience.

Come and discover the P945 C and learn more about the world of pellet stoves from our local dealer.

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