Now Reading: A hybrid stove in Valsugana. Enjoying the mountains with the magic of E228 M-H

A hybrid stove in Valsugana. Enjoying the mountains with the magic of E228 M-H

A hybrid stove in Valsugana. Enjoying the mountains with the magic of E228 M-H

For over sixty years, our products have travelled long distances to reach many different homes all around the world. These journeys bring warmth and beauty into the homes of thousands of people and help to create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere. Every stove becomes part of a family, with its fire becoming part of the ritual of getting together and sharing, a catalyst for exciting and meaningful stories for the people who own it.

Today, we want to share with you the story of one of our hybrid stoves, the E228 M-H. This stove has found a new home in the pretty town of Levico Terme, located in the lovely valley of Valsugana.

We are in the Italian province of Trentino, in Lévego, as the local people pronounce the name of this small but charming town. Visitors can admire the elegant nineteenth-century architectural style of the old town, which has been preserved over time and still evokes the atmosphere and charm of the belle époque.

Levico is definitely worth visiting if you are in the Valsugana area with its thermal baths, sports and nature, as well as typical handicrafts and Tyrolean cuisine.


A visit to Levico Terme: a Piazzetta stove between the lake and the mountains

In the middle of winter, we received a call from Zanetti, our dealer in Telve Valsugana, who told us, “There’s an installation that you absolutely must come and see”. And they were right. The renovation of a house had just been completed in Levico Terme and the owners had chosen our hybrid stove E228 M-H to heat their home. The two owners, who were very happy with the stove and Zanetti’s service, invited Piazzetta to their home to take some photos.

So, we set off one morning in February for Levico Terme with the mountains closing in around us as we ventured further into the Trentino area. The cloudy sky obscured the snow-capped mountains at intervals conjuring up a picture-postcard winter atmosphere. The cold weather was just what was needed to fully appreciate the heat of the E228 M-H that had been lit and greeted us upon our arrival at the newly-renovated house in Levico.

A house with two terraces that look out onto the lake and the Panarotta and Fravort peaks – the former is the gateway to the west towards the Lagorai and the latter, to the source of the thermal waters of Levico Terme. We had a quick chat with our hosts before heading inside to hear about why they had chosen our stove and about the renovation work that had been done on their home in which our E228 M-H takes pride of place.

E228 M-H: contemporary design for modern styles

Our stove was installed in an open space that included the kitchen and living room, illuminated by two patio doors which look out onto the respective terraces. The light-coloured furniture adds to the sensation of light in the room while the collection of Solari-brand clocks adds a classic vintage touch in a modern interior design.

The E228 M-H was installed flush to the wall next to the main patio door in the dining area with an overhead exhaust flue. The colour chosen for our stove is distinctive – the matt black makes an impact in the room. Even though it was available in lava red and various shades of grey and brown, the choice of matt black adds a sense of importance to our hybrid stove which fits seamlessly in with the rest of the decor.


This plain colour version of the stove enhances the brightness of the fire thanks also to the contrast with the dark colour of the Majolica and the cast iron door fitted with ceramic glass. The latter always stays clean thanks to the internal air flow which prevents the glass from getting dirty, thus offering a spectacular view of the fire at all times.

The impressive size of the E228 M-H makes a dramatic impact. It is installed flush to the edge of the wall and is aligned in height with the adjacent patio door, creating an eye-catching, well-balanced layout. The stove is fully clad in Majolica, with sleek panels and slightly rounded corners, which give it a modern and contemporary look.

The modern design of the E228 M-H is reflected in even the smallest of details. The steel handle is covered in a layer of black silicone that blends seamlessly with the stove and ensures the door can be safely opened without the risk of burns. The dial for adjusting the combustion air is discretely positioned under the door without affecting the overall look. Lastly, the iconic hot air outlet of the Multifuoco system blends seamlessly with the rectangular design and rounded edges of the E228 M-H.

The log holder, made of black steel, placed alongside the stove is a final added touch of elegance that matches our stove perfectly.

The Infinity Plus Line hybrid stove: the very best of comfort and efficiency

The stoves in our Infinity Plus Line are the only ones among all the hybrid stoves available that can automatically switch from pellet mode to wood mode without interrupting operation.

What’s the best way to take advantage of the stoves in our Infinity Plus Line? You can easily program or light your hybrid stove when you’re away using pellets and then, load the wood into the stove once you get home. The stove automatically adapts to the new operating mode. If the wood runs out, the stove automatically switches to pellets by taking them from the hopper and reverting to the previous operating mode.

Imagine our couple in Levico going for walks by the lakes and in the surrounding parks and then, deciding to light their stove via the app when it’s time to go home, so the house will be lovely and warm when they return. This dream comes true with the pellet mode. Once they get home, they can load some wood as usual into the stove which will automatically switch operating mode, so they can enjoy the spectacle of the burning wood. After a couple of loads of wood, when they’re relaxing on the sofa watching a film, they can let the wood finish burning because the stove will restart pellet operation and continue to keep them warm until they decide it is time to turn off their lovely E228 M-H.

Multifuoco System and Heat Storage System: an optional accessory for greater comfort

Our hybrid stoves offer the most comprehensive range of standard elements for their category on the market. For even greater comfort, we also offer the Multifuoco System and Heat Storage System among the optional accessories. These two functions were chosen by the couple in Levico for their stove to significantly increase the comfort in their home.

Thanks to the Multifuoco System, the hot air is distributed from the bottom, thus guaranteeing a uniform temperature at all heights in the room. This means you can enjoy a pleasant sensation of warmth throughout the room without any part of your body, like your feet, feeling colder.

The Heat Storage System is an option that stores heat while the stove is operating and then, releases it gradually when the stove is switched off. This system provides very pleasant radiant heat via the radiant Majolica panels. As a result, the warmth accumulated by the Heat Storage System will continue to heat the room by constantly diffusing it from the stove for several hours after the stove has been switched off.

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