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Multifuoco System: new generation heat

Multifuoco System: new generation heat

The annoying temperature difference between floor and ceiling is a problem that many people still encounter during the winter months. This is because most people rely on conventional heating systems that make use of natural convection: the warm air naturally tends to accumulate near the ceiling, whist at floor level the air keeps the floor cold. This makes simple actions such as walking barefoot through the home unpleasant. Unfortunately this type of heating system won’t allow you to achieve a uniform temperature throughout the home.

Piazzetta’s innovative response to this ever-present problem is called Multifuoco® System, the forced ventilation system that provides ideal comfort and constant temperatures.

Let’s take a look at the system in more detail.

What is the Multifuoco® System?

This is an exclusive technology that guarantees maximum comfort by distributing heat in a uniform manner throughout the space, from floor to ceiling.

An extraordinary forced ventilation system patented by the technicians at Piazzetta’s research and development lab and tested by researchers at the Technical Physical institute of the University of Padua.

Designed and developed to improve well-being in the home, the Multifuoco® System is available as standard for all pellet-burning products and can be fitted on request to wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.

How does it work?

With the Multifuoco® System the warm air comes out of the lower part, underneath the firebox on stoves and fireplaces. It is activated automatically once the appliance reaches optimum temperature. Once operating, the motors draw in air through the slots on the top, which is heated as it passes next to the internal walls. The warm air is then distributed through the adjustable vents positioned at the bottom of the appliance. This heat diffusion system, in addition to being the most efficient system for home heating, is also an excellent tool for making the air in the home more healthy. It eliminates excess moisture, inhibiting the formation of mould.

The multifuoco system improves well-being in the home

Find out how it works

Managing the system is easy: using a practical remote control you can set and adjust the speed of the fan to achieve the ideal level of comfort in the room. The Multifuoco® System – true innovation with respect to conventional heating systems – thanks to the even distribution of heat, it eliminates annoying temperature differences between the floor and ceiling.

The high levels of performance offered by Piazzetta products allow you to rapidly heat your home from the moment the product is switched on, and with the Multifuoco® System the significant flow rate of warm air allows you to effectively and uniformly heat even large spaces and areas far away from the heat source.

Heat several rooms with one wood-burning or pellet stove: well-being distributed throughout the home

Multifuoco System può trasformare la stufa a legna in un vero impianto di riscaldamento la tua casa, con le stufe ventilate e canalizzate

The Multifuoco® System can become a real heating system for your home. Thanks to a simple warm air ducting system you can bring warmth directly even to distant rooms or different floors, with the guarantee of always achieving the same level of comfort as the room the stove is installed in.

With a ducted stove you can achieve excellent savings using your pellet or wood-burning heating system. Just think that a ducting system allows you to draw the air up to a distance of 16 metres for pellet-burning products, and up to 10 metres for wood-burning products. How? Using reduced-diameter hoses that are suitably insulated and easy to install.

Multifuoco Piazzetta - Come funziona la ventilazione forzata per la distribuzione uniforme del calore

Innovative wood-burning heating: Multifuoco® System Plus, electronics at your service

The latest development in the forced ventilation field is the Multifuoco® System Plus, which consists of the technical evolution of the Multifuoco® System.

In fact, ventilated wood-burning stoves (or even fireplaces) that employ the Multifuoco®System Plus are able to enjoy full electronic control, which allows you to set the operating mode to correspond to your idea of comfort.

The innovative remote control with LCD display, which also acts as a thermostat, allows you to set a reference temperature which then automatically regulates the fan speed.

Find out more about the Multifuoco® System Plus

Multifuoco® System: 5 excellent reasons for choosing the system

Now that you’ve understood how this innovative system works, you can finally forget about annoying temperature differences in you home. With pellet stoves or wood-burning stoves equipped with Multifuoco® System you can:

heat your home uniformly, from floor to ceiling, with no waste
2 control the comfort of your home by remote control
3 always feel a comfortable warmth in every part of the body… no more cold feet!

and with the ducting system:

4 channel warm air into distant rooms or onto different floors
5 always achieve the same level of comfort as the room the stove is installed in

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